The Coming of Grace

A novel written by Marjorie Delores, coming available on Amazon in September 2021.

At five years old, Rebekah had to learn how to navigate life. A  life that is full of tragedy, drama, hardships, and uncertainty.  At twenty-three years old, Rebekah migrated alone, from her small village in Cinderella Island to the streets of America.   

The story of Rebecca Masters is a testament that abides by the undeniable truth that good things always come to those who have not strayed from the path of faith in God. She stays true to her faith by using it to activate God’s grace within the confines of her crisis that were a pervasive theme in her life, using those difficulties as stepping stones to thrust her into purpose and love. Rebekah’s quality of life comes at a price while endeavoring towards a purposeful life.

The Rebecca Masters Story is loosely based on some factual events, which conveys the powerful message in desperate and trying times, strength is the greatest achievement one can have. Using it as a tool to pick ourselves up is what the author intends for readers to gain, and within the abundance of God’s grace, loves saves and creates the difference.

Within His grace was where she finds love!

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