The Coming of Grace

Chapter One

The Initiation

Cinderella Island’s rich history stained in slavery generated uniqueness in its culture, framed by the inhabitant’s perception of a fusion of ethnicities living together in a melting pot of which Rebekah Masters a product. The Island’s pulse moved in waves of small pockets of communities, better known as villages, randomly dotting its landscape. Pearl Town and Saint Myrtle were two larger villages, crucial points of their commerce. Within this backdrop, Rebekah’s journey began through Alexander and Winifred Wellington’s love for each other. But as fate had planned, an unpredictable death shifted the axis of Rebekah’s life off balance, and her mother’s severe psychosis added to her misfortune. However, by the grace of God, Rebekah survived but not after going through her fair share of trauma. “No, no, no?!”

Winifred Wellington’s screams shattered the silence of the night as the phone’s receiver fell from her hand to the wooden floor. The dial tone, which was usually insignificant on its own, echoed against her gut-wrenching screams in the shallow silence of the night. The chilling sound sent shivers through Rebekah. She rushed to her mother’s side, throwing herself against her in panic, trembling. She asked anxiously,

 “Mama, what’s happening?!”

Like saucers, her eyes widened with fright as they adjusted to the dim light in the room. Winifred Wellington, in complete meltdown, was blind to the presence of her child. She continued screaming, “Alex, oh, Alex, you cannot be gone?! How could you leave me? Oh, my God, why have you taken my husband? Why?!”

A short silence enveloped the room. Then, once again, Winifred screamed, “Alex?!”


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