The Coming of Grace

The Coming of Grace, Rebekah Masters’ story, is filled with suspense, drama, humor, moments of inspiration while paying homage to lives, some of whom have since become silent or no longer here. The Coming of Grace captures the essence of some of life’s struggles as it celebrates victory. Although the story hinges on a woman’s life, it transcends gender, highlighting how lives often can hang in the balance when lacks what enables us to thrive to our fullest potentials. The central theme, faith, an unwavering faith, served as the catalyst she used to rise to her desired station in life. This heartfelt story deals with rape, neglect, loss, courage, and strength to rise above the fray even when it seemed impossible. It isn’t a woman’s story; it’s a human story that goes across boundaries and races. Regrettably, it’s the story of millions of men and women across the globe.  Marjorie Delores aims to use Rebekah’s story to inspire adolescents, men, and women across life’s spectrum. So lives affected aspires to rise above insurmountable conditions to arrive at their desired station in life, whatever that may be to touching lives. Their ultimate gift towards creating a positive change would become the footprints of their lives that overcame and be forever etched into the annals of time, amongst greats that turned their pain into purpose. Marjorie Delores hopes The Coming of Grace may become part of that difference celebrating life.

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