The Coming of Grace is a novel written by Marjorie Delores, coming available on Amazon in September 2021.

 “The Coming of Grace” it’s a story of an immigrant’s woman journey towards her purpose within the confines of her struggles, rekindles the human spirit’s immense resilience despite the odds stacked against it.

Rebekah Masters is a woman with an indomitable spirit who strives for a life she longs for, even when it seems futile. Seeing each challenge as a steppingstone, she finds her voice and resilience to thrive despite the odds. Rebekah, at Twenty-three-years-old, a woman of color, migrated from Cinderella Island to America in search of a better life. In her quest, Rebekah’s life’s journey took turns and twists, which seemed scripted.

My Friend!

Have I forgotten to tell you, my friend?

How your deeds of kindness color my world?

When the only thing I could see was the midnight of my life,

 Have I forgotten to tell you, my friend?

How your outstretched hands held me back from the jaws of decay?

Sometimes with me, and for me, you’d prayed.

 Have I forgotten to tell you, my friend?

You’ve illuminated some of my darkest moments,

With your words of encouragement, seasoned with wisdom and love.

Have I forgotten to tell you, my friend?

You’ve been a source of comfort in my times of need.

When I was about to succumb to a crisis by which my life impaled,

Your support and belief in me pushed me onward to personal elevation

Have I forgotten to tell you, my friend?

Your friendship I value, our association I treasure.

Thanks for rescuing me from a place of self-pity,

A trail in life, which robs the soul and suffocates the spirit.

My friend, you’re the best, and I’m forever

Grateful to have you as a friend, “my friend!”


Marjorie Delores

Real friendship is a relationship based on shared ideals without hidden agendas. It’s that interaction that adds quality and confidence to our state of being, and whenever we forge this exchange, we must nurture that relationship. It doesn’t take much; simply telling them that you value and appreciate them is a good place to start. There are times when we get busy becoming distracted that we forget to. On reading this, please call that friend who has made a difference in your life. SOUL EXPRESSION

Black Urbanites Unspoken music

I see the unspoken rhythm in each black urbanite steps,

The way he bops with a beat with each stride…

Maybe his music resides inside his complex soul,

Wanting, needing to be told, and yet I hear his music.

Music that brings about this rhythmic motion-this swaggering movement

I hear the resonance of his music,

Because it emanates with the emotion that comes from being a black urbanite

I hear his cries of frustration, pain, anger, rejection, hope, and despair.

His cries vibrate and tremble with velocity and power as he seeks solace from his

feelings of disempowerment,

The dislocated, the unemployed, the overlooked, the achievers, the tricksters, the

dreamer, and the rainbow makers,

These epitomize the images of the black urbanites

Images that reverberate in the black urbanites’ unspoken music.

By Simone Lyttle      

The first time I read this poem, it spoke to me in so many ways. I saw my neighbors, family, friends, and fellow citizen speaking to me from this place. Such raw emotions that leaps out reverberate with a longing that comes from denied opportunities cultivated steeply in a past that now breathes fear. Soul Expression

Happy Father’s Day!

Soul Expression wishes Fathers everywhere a special father’s day! We would have not have been here if it hadn’t been for you. Happy Father’s Day!

Soul Expression

At times, the beauty which lies in each of us is not easily recognized, while the peripheral beauty around us is what we easily see. However, the one that stands the test of time is the beauty that lies within us. So let’s nurtured that beauty that it may grow.

Seeing this enormous opportunity to get involved in this exchange will ultimately add to my life’s walk. We have much to offer each other towards growth, which the law of God and nature already explained in its reciprocity.  Soul Expression is a medium through which I endeavor to engage and share in this reciprocity by being part of something worthwhile that extends in the possibility of what can be achieved when minds and hearts are in the right place. What is the right place, you might ask? For me, it’s one where we can be engage, knowing that we are an extension of each other through positive energy creating the reality we want. Thanks for indulging me here at Soul Expression! 

The greatest lessons taught about us are not by our words. It is by our actions; they are the biggest educators as to who we are.

We Can

As a poet and storyteller, my acute sensitivity keeps me involved, inquisitive, wanting not just to be an observer of life but an active contributor to what I believed is possible in life. At this juncture, SOUL EXPRESSION endeavors to be engaging through a bold approach in highlighting and shared what may be uncomfortable but needs to be said. If we can agree at this onset to disagree with respect, however, dare to accept each other’s differences without hostility,  what we hope for can become a reality. Of course, this is up to us, as an old adage reminded us: “One hand cannot clap!” But, if I extend mine, and you, yours,  the sounds we make can resonate through the halls of time, and we’ll be the better because of it.  We can do this; I know we can!

What Level of Stupidity?

Several years ago, I had an assignment as a private healthcare provider for a woman who had experienced a cerebral aneurysm. Her husband, in his eighties, was her overseer, ensured she got adequate care. One day, I shared with her husband that I had a terrible headache while attending to her care. He became shocked by the fact that I was capable of feeling pain and had a headache? Then, in his state of astonishment, he blurted out a loud, “You people get headaches? I didn’t know that you people could get headaches?” At that moment, I had to pause and exhaled before responding calmly, “Your wife had an aneurysm of the brain, but you are exhibiting all the symptoms!” Needless to say, we parted company that day. So why do I share this?  To highlight the level of stupidity that ignorance breeds. And the sad part of this story is the man’s race is one of the most persecuted groups of people in the world. Ignorance is a disease that can easily be treated, but its host must be open to change through knowledge. This is the only remedy, and it begins with having an open mind. And the tragedy of it—some of those who are ardent partakers and supporters of racism still suffers the same social-ill and They are the worst perpetrators. Go figure how twisted the mind can become. Inflicting upon another group of people what threatens your very humanity? This is food for thought! Someone, anyone, please explain? I need to understand this.

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I had this experience as a twenty-four-year-old in this country that forever framed my perception of racism.  Racism is formed from sheer ignorance with an unwillingness to embrace others unlike us. Fortunately for me, in the first 23 years of my life, I was identified only by my given name, nationality, and as my parents’ child. Never, by my race. It was not a consideration in my place of birth. Until I leave home!

I was in Morristown Town, New Jersey, in 1982 when it first happened, in an encounter with a child. I had crossed paths with this elderly woman and her four-year-old grandchild. It so happens that where we were, we had to wait for the services that brought us together. So, we sat across from each other in the waiting area. However, I was taken aback by the look of astonishment mingled with confusion that covered the little girl’s face as she stared at me with that look of shock written all over her face.  At first, I didn’t know what to make of her action. But then, it occurred to me that she hadn’t seen anyone who looked like me before. So, I decided to address the situation by introducing myself to her.

“Hi?” I greeted her warmly. Hearing me speak seemed to confuse her even more. I continued, “I am Margie. What is your name?”  Unsure how to respond, she looked to her grandmother, who assured her it was Ok to speak. Moving closer into her grandmother’s space, she began to relax; turning, she smiled at me.

I spoke to her for a while, then began to sing nursery rhymes I thought she most likely would be familiar with. And she soon warmed up to me. Impulsively she reached out to touch me but swiftly pulled back. Looking at me, she rubbed her arm then looked at me again. Finally, I understood what was happening and inquired of her, “Do I look like burnt toast?”

Immediately responded, “Yes, yes! The older woman became beet red, unsure what to say; she confirmed the obvious. “She has never seen a person of color before!”

Excitedly the little girl inquired of her grandmother, “Meme, I like her! Can we take her home and wash her off? I want to keep her!”  I was floored by what had taken place but couldn’t help but laugh aloud in my response. This child could not be held responsible for her elders. They are the ones who are preparing her for the world.

On their departure, the little girl shook my hand while reluctantly following her grandmother; looking back as they walked away, she wanted me to accompany them. If we could be childlike in our approach, be ready, and become engaged by simply talking to each other rather than at each other? This would be a good place to start.

Ignorance Is At Its Core

I have tried to stay away from hot-button topics such as race. However, I realize that being in denial of the proverbial elephant in the room doesn’t solve anything; at worse, it only compounds them. Each one of us is pre-select or chosen at birth. Not one of us determines our race, ethnicity, social or economic standing, or religious affiliation at the onset of our lives. Those dynamics become baked into who we are with variations across time. Beyond childhood, we have the option to change all of those dynamics except our race. May I be so bold as to ask why anyone should feel punished because of their race? As a woman of color with a deep sense of self and my history, it saddens me to see the level of intolerance, hatred, and contempt amongst people whose aim is the same basic virtues of life! We desire the freedom to thrive, love, worship, and be the best we can be without inflicted hindrances

I realize that being unengaged in this discussion also makes me an accomplice through denial and apathy. But, unfortunately, this awareness has now forced me into having this uncomfortable discussion on this very topic of a race! As a parent of a child and grandmother of three, along with my extended family, friends, neighbors, fellow citizens, this is no time for any of us to remain spectators.  My loved ones and I are in the crosshairs of this beast’s hatred, which is about devouring the good that resides in us as a people.  I believe ignorance is at the core of this social ill that is dwarfing us, and the time of pretending we are invisible is long past; let us discuss saving us and be honest about it! Marjorie Delores

This Journey

On this journey within what seems to be a maze of circumstances, it’s important to be centered. I found my center within my faith and belief in God. At this focal point of life, I endeavored to navigate obstacle courses with reason and purpose, fostering personal growth. Within this process, the depth of my strength becomes renewed, creating a sense of striving towards a goal that honors life and living.