Ocean of Tears

Like the waves of the sea,

You seek to erode my emotions,

Bringing in tides of fear and despair,

To cause distortions

Like water without salt

You take the savor of my peace,

Replacing it with seaweeds of deadness,

Sadness and grief!

Don’t you know the ocean claps her hands?

At my praise to God on high,

While its shores hold my tears and kiss it

So softly to the skies

Like photosynthesis, it evaporates

Into golden vessels carried by angels above,

Placed on the altar of incense

Surrounded by his love.

So let the waves roar, and make the tides ride,

For my tears have a language

That only heaven can transcribe.

                                           Reflections for the poem “Ocean of tears.”

Fear is the enemy that everybody has to deal with daily. It always lurks over our shoulders, waiting for an opportunity to come into our hearts, to distort our perceptions.  By finding a path through our belief systems, it executes its destructive devices on our hearts, soul, and minds, frequently leaving us vulnerable to life’s many pitfalls.  Our faith will never stand without the opposition of fear. So continues in  “Purpose Within Every Promise,” a poetry anthology that reaches you wherever you are in life, bookend by words of wisdom, which is food for the soul. Now on sale on Amazon

This is one of my favorite poems by Sophia, I couldn’t help but reposed it. I hope you will like it as I do!


I am not wise or smart enough to offer solutions to the complexities of life.

Neither have I lived long enough to understand the intricacies of life’s numerous wonders,

Ever unfolding through the corridors of time and space.

One day it’s me, the next it’s you, like a game of chess within the circle of life,

Giving way to the beauties array, from a baby’s cry to the sweet fragrance of daffodils,

One evoking the senses, while the other soothes it

Although separate, yet together each giving rise to its whole,

It’s for us to touch, taste, feel, and see the gifts of it all.

Which lies within you and lies within me, captured at our first given breath, we casually call life;

Even though it may be hard at times, it’s ours to have paid with a price by His omnipotence called “God.”


 Marjorie Delores

How Can I Retrace My Steps

How can I retrace my steps to better


When love enfolds my days and permeates my


How can I retrace my steps to better


When the sound of your name quickens my

pulse and expands my heart.

How can I retrace my steps to better


When my heart beats like a drum at our

anticipated bliss,

Affirmed by the tenderness of your lips.

How can I retrace my steps to better


When the big things didn’t matter much,

It was those little things that captured my


How can I retrace my steps to better


Or should I?

Knowing those yesterdays fortified my today!

How can I retrace my steps to better


Now that you’re gone, how can I retrace my steps to better yesterdays?


Marjorie Delores

Love Assured

He loves beyond comprehension,

It is a blessed assurance,

His Love takes away the fear,

Knowing he is always near,

The Love of God fortifies; it exemplifies,

This Love of God;

It’s supernatural, forever abundant,

It’s absolute, this fulfilling Love of God,

It qualifies, it justifies, and it satisfies,

This Love of God,

It defies judgment and shirks classification,

It cannot be contained or simplified,

This Love of God,

It is inexplicable, and it sanctifies, and it qualifies,

And his Love is where we live,

This Love of God.


Astoria Nickerson

Food for Thought

At times during interactions with others, at best, can be challenging. The pervasive ignorance mingled with intolerance breeds the worst of experiences.  However, life’s unpredictability, an equalizer, and non-selectiveness placed all in the crosshairs of circumstances to which no one is immune is a reality check. Even if someone is insulated through privileged with many resources, life holds the key to our existence. No one is invincible or has exclusive access to life’s unknown. This is something to think about. No matter how different we are by nature’s selection, the basic desires we strive for are the same, being heard, acknowledged, and love. And only time and chance have the answer to this, which we will never know. So, while we anticipate a response, let us acknowledge the importance of who we are to each other by accepting each other. Marjorie Delores


A smile can be inviting, mystique, and tender, yet it never really gives us a real picture of the full condition of the heart. How many times have we had to put on a smile when our hearts are breaking on the inside? We sometimes wear a mask to hide our pain, while laughter holds our spirit together. Some of us are expressive and open about our feelings, problems, and family issues, while others based on culture and perception handle pain and process it inwardly and secretly. Isn’t it amazing the most powerful tool we have, which is our mouth, holds such a mask for us to camouflage our disappointments and pain caused by the daily complexities of our lives?

This excerpt was taken from “Promise within Every Purpose” by Sophia Mahalia Lyttle. You can read the full quotation in her book, which is available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and eBook.

The Mystery of a Smile

A smile is a mystery of hidden stories

Of laughter, pain, and old glories

Its silence whispers unspoken words,

Of dark places never heard.

Its painted patterns hide the scars

Of stolen dreams and broken hearts

It casts a shadow of hidden doubt

Of moments caught in twilight sprout

A mystic gloat that ebbs and flows

Upon a wave of silent notes

A hush, a whisper, a tender gesture

Of life’s mixture, a blend of splendor.

“A smile is a secret kiss of the heart….”



The Coming of Grace

The Coming of Grace chronicles the life of Rebekah Masters from childhood into adulthood. Her transitional journey from her Island, migrating to America towards her purpose in the confines of her struggles. As she hopes, the change occurred, and opportunity breathes anew, as expectation ushers in God’s grace, and it’s within His grace was where she finds love.

Below are excerpts from The Coming of Grace, a heartfelt, captivating, inspirational novel written by Marjorie Delores. Stay tuned for the pre-order release date.  The Coming of Grace is a celebration of possibilities within the grace of God. Scheduled for release early September on Amazon.

Winifred was away at the market, food shopping for the week’s provision, and Rebekah, an eleven-year-old, home alone, was responsible for doing her chores and cleaning their house. She went on with her work while daydreaming about her future. This became her routine since she was eight years old of cleaning the floors on her knees. Having placed the floor wax on the wooden floor, Rebekah knelt with the coconut brush in one palm. At the same time, simultaneously, the other hand balanced her during the buffing motion as she was listening to music blasting in the background. She shook her bottom to the music while buffing the floor on her knees in harmony with its captivating sounds, which ingrained in her soul, and she loved it.

Without any warning, she felt someone grab her from behind, and before she could let out a scream, she was pinned to the floor by what felt like an elephant. A hand went over her mouth, muffling her cries. The force that impacted her filled her lungs, to where she felt as if it is about to explode. He had almost knocked her unconscious, and mercilessly he ripped away from her innocence, leaving her in a pool of blood. She lay on the floor like a discarded ragdoll, whimpering in pain; she rolled over to see the monster cleaning himself off. Glaring down at her, he angrily instructed her, “Clean up this mess, and if you ever say anything to anyone, I will come back for you and Winifred…!” The trauma of that moment would become the onset of abuse that she had to endure. At the time, she could not fathom that this painful memory would grow to become the hallmark of her life.

On returning home, Winifred did not notice anything was wrong even though Rebekah could hardly walk and had been crying all day. Rebekah’s long and unpleasant history with her mother prevented her from telling her. Although she had wished otherwise, she felt Winifred would not believe her and instead saw it as her fault. However, one of the neighbors later noticed something was wrong with how she walked.

“Rebekah, come here!” Ms. Lucille called out to her.

“Yes, ma’am!” she answered.

Ms. Lucille inquired, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you walking like that?” The older woman’s authoritative tone made her uneasy, but unsure what to do, she avoided her gaze.

Filled with embarrassment, Rebekah stood in front of the older woman with her head down, looking at her feet, afraid of answering. But she then remembered what the man had said, and she contemplated what if she tells her the truth? What then?

“Rebekah, I am going to ask you once more. I expect an answer, and I want the truth. I know something terrible happened to you and I want to help…! Now, did someone molest you?”

At that moment, Rebekah rushed towards the older woman throwing her arms around her waist, nestling her head against her chest, crying uncontrollably. In response, the woman wrapped her arms around her, offering comfort. “I am so sorry, my child. Who did this to you?!”

Rebekah was inaudible; it was as if she was choking on her words. Her thoughts were like a chaos of all she had borne to that point.


Through Prayers

Do you know there is a supernatural behind the natural world that you can access through prayers? This book will take you into the miraculous and supernatural experiences of people who had answers to problems that seemed impossible. I desire that through this book, you will see that we are not just put on this earth to survive, but we were born to be more than conquerors, transforming situations from death to life with the power of the Holy Spirit, our words, and prayers. This book is about the king, His kingdom, His love, and pursuit of a relationship with us, which ultimately leads to the abundant life he had predestined and prepared.


This is one of the fastest-selling books on Amazon today. It speaks to you where you are, no sugarcoating, just true stories of the manifestation of the goodness of God. Be inspired, most of all see the hand of God reveal in the life of a woman driven by her faith in God.

I read this book a few nights ago and was moved by it. Ms. Erskine’s stories of hope, renewal, answered prayers are palpable. Each story is captivating, and it’s for that reason why she is being featured.

I am a woman of faith who has witnessed God’s goodness; I had to share this book. This book took you back to that place where you think anew while it reminded you of the power of God.

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Your Silence

The thunderous sound of your silence,

Your silence echoes through the chambers of my heart like bells being toll

Not a sound, not a whisper, just the loud thunderous sound of your silence tugging at my heart

Such silence pulls at the very foundation of what causes me to be at the center my best,

Such silence snuffs out those wistful promises first formed in that place of longing

Where dreams were made in the birthplace of our desires mingled with hope;

A conception came forth upon the wings of a past we had tenderly shared

However, with which we could on longer cope,

A heart pierced too long by Cupid’s bow, now silently awaits,

As a prisoner of hope of a dream which no longer will be,

With time will be forgotten, within the confines of the thunder of your silence.           

 Marjorie Delores

Taken from The Winter Years of Life, audiobook now available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon.

Sometimes its within our silence that we speak the loudest!. Marjorie Delores

Soul Expression

The real beauty of life comes from within, and it’s for us to show it through the best of who we can be. So, make your life show the beauty that’s within by being the light you want to see!!  Soul Expression

The Scars of Those Twisted Yesterdays

How can we erase the scars from those twisted yesterdays?

When on each other we inflicted such pain, much to our loss and less to our gain,

How can we erase the scars from those twisted yesterdays?

Embroiled in selfishness and rage, our lives become symbols of souls that are caged, the causality of many a strife,

When we seek to hurt and divide…

If only we could share in each other’s circumstances,

Being able to look beyond the person recognizing their purpose;

An imprint of life’s ever-growing chain,

A part of you and a part of me, spirits melt, and souls set free,

How can we erase the scars of those twisted yesterdays?

How can we, and shouldn’t we?


Marjorie Delores