The Mystery of a Smile

Purpose Within Every Promise: A poetry anthology that reaches you wherever you are in life; bookend by words of wisdom, which is food for the soul by [Sophia Lyttle]

A smile is a mystery of hidden stories

Of laughter, pain, and old glories

Its silence whispers unspoken words,

Of dark places never heard.

Its painted patterns hide the scars.

Of stolen dreams and broken hearts

It casts a shadow of hidden doubt

Of moments caught in twilight sprout

A mystic gloat that ebbs and flows

Upon a wave of silent notes

A hush, a whisper, a tender gesture

Of life’s mixture, a blend of splendor.

“A smile is a secret kiss of the heart….”

A smile can be inviting, mystique, and tender, yet it never really gives us a real picture of the full condition of the heart. How many times have we had to put on a smile when our hearts are breaking on the inside? We sometimes wear masks to hide our pain, while laughter holds our spirit together. Some of us are expressive and open about our feelings, problems, and family issues, while others, based on culture and perception, handle pain and process it inwardly and secretly. Isn’t it amazing that the most powerful tool we have, our mouth, holds such a mask for us to camouflage our disappointments and pain caused by the daily complexities of our lives?

This excerpt was taken from “Promise within Every Purpose” by Sophia Mahalia Lyttle. You can read the full quotation in her book, available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and eBook.

Find Solace!

We have made it this far during what seems to be an avalanche of crisis, none of which was of our making, but we have withstood them between nature and man’s wrath. I am sure if and when we watch the year in review, it’s going to be hard to believe so much happened and so many lives lost. However, instead of becoming overwhelmed by it all, it’s an opportunity to assess and reach deep within us, to find solace knowing we have done our best and the rest is up to God. So, in these coming days, it’s a time to count out blessings. As the year comes to a close and in the custom of making New Year’s resolutions, the one to make a priority on our list should be “As an image of love, God’s love, which we all are.” Let us reflect on our exchanges in 2022, and it can become the year we are the difference we hope to see.

Be safe!

New life will spring forth even among the rocks once the fertile ground is there. So we can become that fertile ground where life will start anew.

Lesson Learned

The beauty of nature can be alluring, which causes one to pause in awe of its recognition while observing the humor that it can bring and its lessons too. I am blessed to reside in a place where an abundance of nature is everywhere. Today, I went by one of our lakes to observe the birds. After about 15 minutes, a young man came by to feed them. This interaction between them had my full attention. At first, my thoughts were to videotape their interactions, but I decided against it. On listening to him talking to the birds, I was grateful that I hadn’t.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or pray for him. I ended up doing both, for which I felt awful later, having laughed at him. I had no idea who or what this person was going through. He cared enough to drive to the lake to feed the birds, and maybe he has serious mental issues; who’s to say?

His anger stems from him offering the birds pieces of bread from the palm of his hand, and with their pointed beaks, naturally, it would cause him pain.  His hurling expletives at the birds were like he had quarreled with some drunkards. I felt relief when he threw the bread on the ground because he stopped the cursing then.

What’s the moral of this? In worse of us, there is good. He took the time from whatever he had to do, even if it was relaxing, and went by the lake to feed the birds. I took away from that experience it’s not about what we say but rather what we do. Every life source needs another for it to survive, and whatever is going on in his life to fill it with such anger, he cares about life.

“My words are the filter of my perception and the elixir of my soul….”

This quote was taken from the poem “This Thing Call Words” by Sophia Mahalia Lyttle from her book, Purpose Within Every Promise. It’s now on sale on Amazon.

Soul Expression!

As the year draws close, it’s time to reflect on the many challenges and losses we have seen and been a part of this past year. It is good to be mindful as we prepare to celebrate Christmas, focus on how far we have come, and use this time beyond all the festivities to embrace the infinite goodness that has brought us thus far. It’s not anything or any power we have that shields us from misadventures but divine mercies. Remember, the greatest gift we have are the seconds of our lives, and the best currency is those seconds. Use them wisely, and have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Marjorie Delores

Becoming Better?

 It is so easy to identify the weaknesses of others while mirroring the imagery of what’s frowned on.  Two days ago, I listened to one of the teachings of Apostle Joshua Selman, Founder & CEO of Eternity Network International, as he expounded on the dynamics of Godliness within the scope of the expressed teachings in the Bible, I became ashamed.  I saw myself in what he taught. I noticed what was wrong with others; I was flawed too. The book of Proverbs 4:7, it is stated: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom and in all your getting get understanding.” As I reflect on the coming days and the real meaning behind the season, it humbles me to look more within to become better able to relate and understand how to be what I desire of others. I am not naive to believe I will become perfect, but there is room for growth. So, my pledge beginning today is to start a fast-starting with my words. In private and in public, if I don’t have something to say positively about anyone, even if they are a blight on society, I will be quiet about it. It’s not my place for critical assessment because I, too, have come up short. Sin isn’t measured; sin is sin! No little sin or big sin. I am staying off the public platform in sharing any disapproval of anyone. In this season of unpredictability and ever-present revealing of God, in the spirit of the celebration of Jesus’ birth, real honor starts with being in His will. Words are life, and may this holiday, the light and life of His word, serve us well by being kinder to each other, starting with our words. I wish you a safe and happy holiday!

My Chameleon

While going through my archives of writings that span what seems a lifetime, I came across this poem, which I hope you will like. Each poem I wrote, I’ve lived, and for that reason, they are an ever-present part of me, and I am sure is the voice of others, and for this one, I hope there are just a few.

Different worlds from which we came,

Separate lives were what we led.

You entered my life like a sunbeam after it had rained,

You helped me to love and laugh again,

You called me friend; I called you my love

My chameleon, my lover, and once, my friend

Our paths no longer should be crossed again.

Tossed together during our time of despair

We’d learned to live and work together,

Within the face of the greatest odds;

The little we had between us, we did share.

My chameleon, my lover, and once, my friend

Our paths no longer should be crossed again.

For a brief while for me, you cared

When I needed you, you were there,

Giving words of encouragement or laughter to cheer

I grew to love and trust you,

Believing what we had you’d always hold dear;

My chameleon, my lover, and once my friend

Our paths no longer should be crossed again.

Heart rips out of place, beset by displacement and loss,

You walked away without a care or concern,

But through the resilience of a wounded soul,

I once again became whole

My chameleon, my lover, and once my friend

Our paths no longer should be crossed again.


Marjorie Delores

© 1999

Thank You!

As we prepare for the culmination of the Christmas holiday, may your path be protected and your efforts to bring joy to others be acknowledged. I wish you and your loved ones the best, and may we all approach the end of 2021 with safety, peace, and good health. In my quest to become engaged in the larger conversation, Soul Expression headway has been humbling, and I am grateful for getting this far due to your unwavering support. Thank you! I wish you and your loved ones a Christmas to remember, and may the best part be you become fulfilled through your efforts.

Merry Christmas!

In His Memory

Today, I paused in honor of my brother killed several years ago. If he had lived, we would be celebrating his Birthday today.

I lost a man I loved and admired almost thirty years ago, my brother Anthony. Today would have been his Birthday, and as I light a candle in memory of him, I found solace knowing he left a legacy in those that he loves—a gift that cannot be stolen or rotted, which is love.  My brother didn’t just love; he was the embodiment of love. Unfortunately, they took him from us violently early in life. He is and will always be because of those like me. Your father may be physically absent, but spiritually my nieces and nephews and my siblings, he is with us with every step we take, and with every breath, we are all a part of him. So let’s celebrate him today.  Happy Birthday, my forever love, my brother, Anthony!!

I must use this time to acknowledge those who are in this same frame of mind as I am today, in mourning or celebrating a loved one that has left too soon. May you find solace in the memory of the loss of your loved ones and become their arm of reaching out in a season of hope, becoming the difference they could have been.

In the circle of life springs anew life-source

Where renewal and strength breathe acceptance,

Where we become the difference for which we hope

And it’s at this juncture resolve is realized,

Helping us to see the beauty life offers amid our pain

Where in the vestiges of our yesterdays…memories provide a path

Where we weaved those shattered fragments of our past

To become capable of creating a whole in the fracture of love lost,

By putting back those pieces together that today adds to our heightened


Marjorie Delores

Thank you for indulging me in thinking out aloud. I just wrote this poem, and it flows from a place of peace with the promise that a better day will come for us.

An Elixir of life



I was m born in a developing country to a teenage mother, and at the time of my birth it lacked today’s technology and social advancement.  My mother shared with me, I was born at home and attended by a midwife. It wasn’t exactly the Stone Age, but those days had added challenges. 

Shortly after my birth, I became very ill, as a seventeen-year mother alone, gripped with fear; she had no idea what to do but panic. Finally, some older women in the village came to her aid and took me away. Desperate and frightened, she gave me to them without questioning where they took me. She learned later that they took me to a church, where I was placed on the altar as the women prayed feverishly for my survival. As I reflect on my beginning, I am here because of prayers and the goodness of strangers. An old African proverb stated, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I want to add to that by saying, “It takes the community to raise a child and help their parent/parents,” and it applied then, and it does today.

As I reflect on such a beginning with an understsnding of scriptures in the Bible, as a blueprint of life and living, which informs and exemplifies all the dynamics of the human condition—recalling my humble beginning in a place of uncertainty, makes me who I am. In that nebulous of circumstances, it initiated the will of God, which made me grounded in the things of God. Our lives in parts and full-mirrors that of each other. If we look beyond our unique circumstances, a clearer view of our life’s path becomes visible. The distinct markers that framed us as indivduals are our attitudes, outlook, and values, those are what sets us apart. However, our similar approach and desires, the core of who we are mirrors each other. Those like having our life’s basic needs met, being loved, valued, and heard are all basically the same. Therefore, if and when those core norms become ignored or neglected, instinctively, the survival nature is activated, and there is discontent. However, going back to the Word of God, where life’s answers lie and are accessible through the reading of his words and prayers. It doesn’t matter how or where our lives got started, but rather, it matters how our lives ended. Prayer works, and I am proof of it!

In this daily bombardment of uncertainties and increasing decadence of societies, we have control over our prayers as a source of spiritual fortification. John 16:24 capsulate the power of prayers. He stated: ask, and you will receive, and your joy may be full. Pray, I encourage, pray, because prayers works!

Marjorie Delores