The Coming of Grace Part One

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The Coming Of Grace Part One

The Coming Of Grace, part one, is now on Also, Through the Winter Years of Life, poems speak to you where you are and hope to be.

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Coming Soon! The Coming Of Grace Part 2

Part 2

The Coming of Grace Part 2 will be on Amazon on June 1st, 2022. Part one is on sale now at 47% off; get your copy during the sale on

Excerpt from Book 2:

“Rebekah, I’m a little confused. Why would you need an apron to cook?”

She laughed mischievously, maintaining her stare, “I just thought you’d expect me to dress only in an apron while cooking?!”

His eyes twinkled as he burst out laughing. “Woman, your mind is always working overtime. But, tell you what, we will forego the apron for tonight. I would not want you to burn your beautiful caramel-colored skin. Now that we have resolved that issue let us talk about the menu. I will have salmon, roasted Brussel sprouts, and a salad. You can prepare the shrimps if you would like. I cannot cook, so I will not even consider offering my help! But I’ll set the table and do the pots and dishes.” […]

Life’s Seasons!

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On March 27th, 2022, out of nowhere, I came under such an attack that had the makings of a force, not of God; I can’t recall ever being so tested; whatever could ever go wrong has gone wrong. Yet, I’ve learned nothing we have been through or going through will become wasted. Therefore, as I aimed to see the forest from the trees during this process, it will become clearer to me within time. However, functioning like normal under adverse conditions is a testament to who God is. Each day he gives a fresh deposit of his grace and strength to face each obstacle and see them as stepping stones; with this said; as a descendant of warriors who survived the middle passage so that I could be here today. Therefore, I share this to say, be encouraged in whatever state you might find yourselves in because it may seem that your attack came to destroy you, but no, it came to push us into our best. So, as Paul, the apostle who wrote Philippians in the Bible, encouraged in Philippians 4:11, he reminded us: that we should find peace in whatever state we are in. 

Sometimes, life’s setbacks or some would regard them more like a setup for failure, but they are simply testing grounds for something bigger and better. The key here it’s how those situations become internalized, and as one who has experienced some things, I’ve learned to force myself to forget; this served to strengthen me and become better at seeing the hand of God in my life. I’ve also known one cannot win a fight unless we are in a battle, and sometimes the struggle which comes to us is the catalyst needed to thrust us into our better selves. I shared this to encourage anyone who is confronting a challenge to “nothing or no one can break us,” if we hold to who we are, and as ones created in the likeness and image of God, we were built to last and not become easily broken. Once we learn to see ourselves as God sees us, whatever comes at us will recede with time; there lie our testimonies. With so many upheavals and personal challenges in this mental awareness month, we must hold on to every fiber of our emotional health; whatever it takes to bolster personal wellness, we owe it to ourselves. Personally, I took control using nutrition, rest, feeding my spirit, and balancing engaging with whatever brings anxiety, even if that means being quiet for a while. Life comes in seasons, and as we know, seasons do change. Have a blessed day

It Seldom Occurs To Us!

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Whenever we think of forgiveness, the first thing that comes to mind is extending it to others and not ourselves. It seldom occurs to us that there are times we need to forgive ourselves! Yes, we are often our worst critique; and there are occasions when we are better to others than ourselves. Especially as parents, we place everyone above ourselves, then later in life, with unfulfilled goals and regrets; by intentionally denying dreams to facilitate theirs, we find ourselves in a place we now think could have been different. At this juncture, it is not a time to become angry for not being kinder to ourselves or securing ourselves for later in life. One should never be mad at oneself for honoring the lives of others. Mistakes are simply all parts and parcel of human experiences. This is where we need to remind ourselves we are mere mortals, not God. None of us came with a manual on what to and not to do in the framework of life; our lives started with making mistakes, and through trials and errors, we learned and grew into our better selves; and once we know within our hearts that we did our best, no need to look back but ahead. The person we see in the mirror, us, deserves and should be treated with the utmost love, and it begins with forgiving ourselves for not getting everything right when doing our best is all we can do. Once that inner man or woman has peace in knowing that basic truth of our fragility in our humanity, forgiving ourselves becomes easier, and the rest will eventually fall into place.

It’s A Struggle!

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In recent weeks, it has become a struggle to get my thoughts into focus here and elsewhere; so much negative energy seems to blanket the air. How does one get away or avoid its force that erodes peace and threatens your emotional stability? I sincerely believe love and hate are opposites; therefore, there is no way those two can reside in the same person on God’s earth? Acknowledging this truth and choosing to be on the side of love, the weight of such negativity cuts deep. I do not think or believe we live in a wonderland or a world where fairytales come through? That would be naiveté on a colossal scale, which would borderline some mental deficiency. However, the reality that stares me in the face, especially each time I venture beyond my front door, is cause for concern. I tried not to be paranoid, but what must one do when the truth of the reality is ever-present? But hopefully, by the fortification of oneself through faith and prayers within a conscious effort, in each encounter to say something positive to even one person, maybe like casting a pebble into a large body of water, its rippling effect will serve as a tide to shift things into the positive. What do you think?

Book Two, Coming Soon!

An excerpt: from chapter two, “Too Sweet,” the Coming of Grace, Book Two

Within the fluidity of circumstances in Rebekah’s life, it felt like her world shifted off its axis randomly. At times spellbinding, while at others, she wished she could run away from herself. However, Rebekah’s curiosity and thirst for life’s goodness had her surrender quickly to the unknown in hopes of what she wanted.

However, like peddles along the shore, she is easily swept away by shifting tides, which would leave her washed up in the debris of life’s circumstances, evident within the fissure of her soul. Rebekah believed everyone has an inner good as a hopeless optimist, which could override human nature’s darker side. However, she would have another encounter with its harsh reality. Rebekah thought Kaleb was what he had shown her to be; she became committed to him. However, time would reveal her girlish fantasy, which remains a fantasy.[…]


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Genesis 26:26-28 encapsulates the essence of hatred. I encourage you to read for yourselves; it is quite enlightening. As a non-Bible scholar, simply a woman who wants to be better and do better, I seek life’s answers through reading the bible.

My perception of hatred is that it is a choice. None of us were born to hate. We cannot bury our heads in the sand anymore and must recognize that the world is rapidly changing, and it seems to be rushing into darkness. The tragedy of operating in the dark is it is a conscious decision of a plan to fail. God, Nature, and Man have proven that darkness is an absence of light and was not meant or intended for anyone to operate mentally, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart and soul. We are created in love by a loving God. The only markable differences between people are skin color, which was how God intended it to be. The rest is all learned; therefore, we have choices, and some things that we learned can be unlearned, and hate is one of them. It begins with recognizing the humanity of another with similar rights to live and have the same rights to thrive.

Regrettably, cases in point are the killings at houses of worship, the supermarkets, and the list goes on, where it seems like some of us are being hunted. How should we react after each killing?! The answer lies with everyone, especially individuals adversely affected, on all levels of the human experience, such as me. It does something to you that cuts deep within! Our approaches to those outcomes are different, and so they should be. However, one must be very careful not to become what tries to devalue our lives? In the infancy of not knowing the answer to life’s adverse maladies, I am not ashamed to admit that I don’t; however, I am trying to summarize from the little I know to grasp its craziness. This much life has taught me that people who commit evil deeds are a malignancy of sin, and Hatred is the worst kind of affliction that could ail a person. In a nutshell, it’s like cancer on steroids, and there is a cure for it. Still, until the affected party/parties can acknowledge this, we all will continue to hurt from the after-effects, complacency, or saying it’s not us or me, so why bother or care? History has a way of reminding us why we all should care and why we shouldn’t allow history to repeat itself. It’s something to think about.

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Unconditional and Unwavering Love

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Romans 13:11-13 highlights Kairos’ as a time that calls for action, conversion, and transformation.

Wow, how powerful? Internalizing the profound intensity of such a moment is a reason for acknowledging the one that causes us to be God! As spiritual beings having physical experiences, we are ever-evolving in search of the centrality of who we are, why we are, and how best to navigate life’s pathways? As an extension of those through whom we traveled here to this moment, our parents, there is an expectation we have of them. Their pivotal roles should speak to us more than anyone else, but what does one do when as parents, they are ill-equipped to give us what we yearned for, which is love? Where does that leave us, and what if they don’t know what love is? Sometimes it’s not their fault! Here our search takes immediacy to attain what the heart wants and where better to look than to the Creator, God Almighty. Our ancient of all time, who initiated all energy sources, and life, is where lies our answer. Yes, conversion and transformation through Him create the catalyst toward self-love, realizing how much we are loved by him. This epiphany usually initiates a Kairos moment in the awesomeness of God’s love for us, unmatched by any mortal being in its power and purity. Realizing his unconditional and unwavering love fills our void, and all else becomes less important. Here we are truly transformed as our presence serves to be a part of a life-changing difference on a grander scale by God’s unconditional and unwavering love!

Coming Soon, Book Two!

Last December, I was certain that this second book would have been already available, but thank God I continue to engage with life despite setbacks. When I look at all the losses with loved ones dying, I find gratitude even within my disappointments. Things tend to unfold in line with God’s master plan. Therefore, without anxiety, I make adjustments as needed and remain thankful. I will be sharing excerpts from the book in the coming weeks, which hopefully will become published before the middle of June 2022. I am sorry, not to be more specific, but with several moving parts in this effort, all it takes is one of those parts to fall out of sync, and there I go. My primary objective is to have something I can be proud of sharing. To those who purchased book one, thanks for your patience, and if you contact me, I will most definitely give you a discount you will be pleased with. Thanks for your support and patience!

Excerpts are taken from chapter three in  “The Coming of Grace, book two.”

Rebekah heard the frustration in her mother’s voice but still thought she was being too hard on Kaleb and ignoring her pain by being so vocal, although all she said was valid. Rebekah, with a measured approach, remarked,

“Mama, it’s interesting you should say that. One of my girlfriends had made the same statement a few months ago. Beverly’s exact words were, ‘you’re painting a picture of Kaleb as a Saint,’ and she had warned me that it was dangerous and would backfire. She thought he would hurt me, and sure enough, he has.”

“Rebekah, you have a habit of valuing others more than how you value yourself, and people use your weaknesses against you. For example, you believe in love and goodness, but most aren’t good or even know what love is.”

At this point, Rebekah began sobbing silently, grateful her mother was on the phone and she could not see her tears. “Rebekah, maybe it isn’t your time yet for love.” […]

Formula Shortage

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The chronic shortage of baby formula is one of the scariest experiences for any mother and even worse for a nonlactating mother, which I had experienced. This shortage of baby formula on such a grand scale shows how unpredictable the food chain can be. On learning of this baby formula shortage, it took me back to when I had my daughter on the island of Jamaica.  During her birth, the island was going through one of its most difficult economic crises. As a result, everything was in short supply. I had to stand in line hoping to purchase even a can of baby formula as a twenty-year-old with a newborn, and none was to be had.

I knew panicking wasn’t going to help. Therefore, nervously, I looked into my pantry to figure out how to ensure my baby didn’t go hungry. At that time, fresh cow’s milk was delivered to me daily, unpasteurized. Not knowing the risk of giving unpasteurized milk to a baby, I blended a few tablespoons of Oatmeal with a little barley, cooked the blend with the milk, then put it through a sieve. I made sure the homemade formula consistency was thin enough to easily flow through her bottles. When she reached about six months, I introduced fresh fruits and vegetable purees into her diet that was put through heat by stewing the fruits and vegetables. I am not suggesting anyone do as I did; I am only sharing the drastic measures I took to ensure my baby was fed, which came from desperation. We mothers will do what needs to be done to provide the best for our offspring.

In this present situation of the unavailability of baby formulas, I can identify with you, mothers. I pray this formula shortage will be quickly resolved. However, for those breastfeeding mothers, stay hydrated and give the babies as much breast milk as possible. Breastfeeding is also a good form of bonding with your baby. I recall I felt guilty about being unable to do so. It was not my choice not to breastfeed my baby, but rather by design, I could not. (smile.) But, if you can do so, which all mothers aren’t able to, enjoy those moments of nurture with the baby. However, it’s encouraging that the manufacturers working hard to resolve the storage. We, mothers, are resourceful and usually find a way to secure the well-being of our children.

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