God’s Love

He loved me before I knew I was Love,

Before I knew life, before I knew Earth,

Before I knew pain, He loved me;

I can’t explain who He is, but he loves me.

I don’t fully understand such a love,

 I cannot comprehend his all-ness;

This love of God, but he loves me,

That’s more than enough reason that I’ll be ok;

His Love is something more profound than religion,

This love he has for me,

It’s something unreachable, it’s untouchable,

It’s the glue that holds the fabric of my life,

Knowing that he loves me;

It’s the calm and peace that sweeps over me.

And I am what matters for with him in all the world,

Which for that I’m truly free,

Oh, how he loves me,

God’s Love for me is everything that I have,

Giving me all that I could never give to myself,

And yet, it is the only thing I can truly achieve,

It is to have his unchanging Love through all of life’s seasons.

This Love of God for me.


Astoria Nickerson

For the rest of this month Astoria’s poems will be feature here. She is one of best undiscovered poets, and her work is truly awe-inspiring.

Decisions or Indecisions

In recent years, I’ve had issues with my knees, which have worsened to the point of immobility. I should have addressed the problem with my knees as deemed necessary. However, I resorted to exercising. I thought exercise would take care of the problem, so I exercised, which only worsened my condition. There was too much tension on the joints. As a result, the cartilage is almost completely gone from the knees, which exacerbates my condition.

Last night, listening to Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak from Nigeria, Pastor of the Eternity Network International, he made a profound statement that made me pause to think. He said, “Every indecision is a decision.” Therefore, when one avoids a decision that act already placed in effect, the effects of that indecision. Fast forward to past years; I’ve been having concerns with my knees for many years, but I didn’t want to face what is presently confronting me, ‘knee replacement.’ Most certainly, I could have saved myself the unbearable pain that has become part of my daily life if I had taken a different approach to address it. I share this to highlight the practicality of handling all of life’s issues by making decisions that benefit wellness on this journey we are on, life! As I began preparing for surgery, I used this time to take inventory of life to see if there is anything else I’m indecisive about not doing because some pain is avoidable, starting by making the right decision.

Infused beauty


The true essence of who we are is best realize in how we see ourselves, rather than how others see us. Within this truth, we genuinely will become unhindered towards advancing our highest goal and personal fulfillment, satisfying the soul.  Marjorie Delores


Model Rene’

Dreams are thoughts, sensations, and imageries that occur as a frame of reference for what we hope to achieve during our lives. This experience is indispensable for the continuation of productivity throughout our life. A mechanism of sorts, assisting us to advance towards our desired outcome— conceptual events of what is possible. Never lose sight of the ability to dream and dream out loud if you must; your dreams will shape your reality!  Marjorie Delores.


Isaiah 1:18

“Come now and let us reason together, said the Lord: though your sins may be as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are as red as crimson, they shall be as wool.”

Each time I read this, all I can say is, Wow! What level of forgiveness and love?  God, the source of life, all of life and causes us to be, is telling us, hey, look folks, no matter how far gone you might think you are in sin, which brings pain, I got your back. Listen, my children, let’s get back to basics; my only begotten Son died on a tree for sin. So, my precious ones, there isn’t anything you could do for me to stop loving you! You are that valuable. There isn’t anything that you could ever do to destroy that love I have for you. I shaped you in the imagery of my person and the gift of my love; you have a life! This powerful message has strengthened me each time I stumbled in my walk with him, and it’s in this vein of thought I do believe nothing is impossible with God in changing hearts. So, be empowered, be blessed.

All things are seasonal

The Key

In my formative years, the teachings of God through scriptures became a part of my daily diet.  However, I hadn’t a clue how instrumental those teachings would become in the fortification of my life. Getting closer to my mortality, having entered the autumn of my life, I’ve learned to be more introspective. By doing so, situations perceived as problems are now met head-on as challenges, which wisdom and foresight have taught how to resolve. Proverbs 2:6 so states, “For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” The key to advancement, peace with acceptance, is how one internalizes events or circumstances that beset us; within our emotional fortitude, we find understanding with resolution. My faith in God has been my source, and in these times, we all need a point of reference to which we can resort during life’s challenges, and I am grateful for my elders who instill such values. I pray you’ll find your source in truth, patience, acceptance, forgiveness, and ultimately love, a love that manifested at your first given breath; at the time of your birth. Peace!

Model Shadae

The Heart

As a recipient of God’s grace, I seek to honor God in Truth by giving my best, imperfect, yet a work in progress. In this daily journey of self-improvement, I gather instruction through His given guidelines and teachings from the Bible. Through prayers and an hunger to grow, teachings from the Bible led to my transformation, which manifested in empowerment. And what once seemed like an obstacle, in reality, is a tool for advancement. Proverbs 2: 10-11 so states.  “When wisdom enters the heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto the soul;  discretion shall preserve you, understanding shall keep you.”


I believed that goodness should override the worst instincts to the clearing out social of landmines, thus, creating a fertile ground for productive outcomes. But, unfortunately, this is an unrealistic outlook that I am reminded of daily within exchanges within the larger community.

Disappointingly, after years of seeing life through the prism of possibilities advancement with increased knowledge with the speed of technology, now we are left with a void. Emotionally, the chasm between people with different views seems to widen, and the middle ground becomes almost non-existent. For example, I noticed that people speak about having rights, especially lately, but it only applies to theirs and not to yours.  If this trend continues, humanity will be dissolved instead of evolves, and we will not become pre-historical but rather post-technological, devoid of what brought us here. This trend is concerning because, for every cause, we will have to deal with its effects!

The Scars of Yesterdays

How can we erase the scars of those twisted yesterdays?

When upon each other we inflicted such pain, much to our loss and less to our gain

How can we erase the scars of those twisted yesterdays?

Locked into the damage yoke of life embroiled in selfishness and rage,

Our lives become symbols of souls been caged and sometimes the casualty of many a strife

How can we erase the scars of those twisted yesterdays?

If only we could share in each other circumstances

Being able to look beyond the person, recognizing their purpose,

An important link to life ever-growing chain,

A part of me, and a part of you, our spirits melt, and our souls set free;

How can we erase the scars of those twisted yesterdays?

How can we, should we not?

I wrote this poem almost twenty years ago, and I hope over the years that this poem’s poignancy will become hallow with time. But, regrettably, it seems to echo with urgency the need to self-analyze with a deeper look and awareness of what we bring to the life of each other? We need each other to survive; this is more than a song; it’s a reality.  As a poet, I hope to arouse a consciousness that starts the conversation, and maybe the answer lies somewhere in that exchange. What is your take on this? Marjorie Delores

Moments in Time

Seated in my Livingroom looking outdoors at this lizard on the pole, it causes me to burst out with laughter, saying out loud, “No dancing there on that pole!”  As I observed and pondered about life in its ever-unfolding beauty and charisma, it’s moments like these that bring it more into focus. Like that lizard minding its own business, I am not even in its peripheral vision; however, I internalized its intentions, placing my twist on its actions for humor. And so often, we like that lizard is observed and misunderstood or judge incorrectly. However, like that lizard, the Creator validates its presence as He does ours. As I aimed for insight into the larger scheme of things, I came to realize how interwoven all of life is, and when we look at it keenly, there’s a reflection of how connected it is. Therefore, it’s not wise to judge the intentions of others when the predictability of our actions can only mark by time, became my conclusion.