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Tuesday, May 3rd, will be celebrated as Teachers Day. Teachers are a vital part of the advancement and productivity of societies. In conjunction with parents, they are the framers who shape the lives of children and adults in higher learning across all spectrums of life. On average, teachers wear several hats. They were responsible for imparting and educating children and adults to achieve efficiency in life’s skills. They also act as social workers, counselors, friends, and even surrogates, filling the gaps needed to ensure economic and societal feasibility. Yes, emotionally vested teachers advance society and add to these dynamics of who we are as a whole by going beyond expectations.

On a personal level, a teacher at my elementary school laid the foundation for me to believe I had a voice and could do whatever I set out to do. I recalled as an eight-year-old with a curiosity and thirst for self-expression through poetry and storytelling. This particular teacher, Mrs. Campbell, took an extra interest in me. I recall vividly Mrs. Campbell giving me colored construction papers and ribbon to create my book of poetry. I cut the pieces of construction paper down to average book size and used the ribbon as a binder, holding the pages together. On presenting my finished work to her, she celebrated my efforts with an acknowledgment in front of my classmates. I recalled how glowingly she spoke of me and encouraged my classmates to follow their dreams by starting at where they were by using whatever was available to them. She discovered where my heart was at, and on moving to another grade, she gifted me a Bible; I was over the moon on receiving her gift. As young as I was, it was less about what she gave me and more about validating me and letting me know someone not only saw me, they heard me, and that stayed with me.

Putting May 3th aside commemorating Teachers is wonderful, but it should go beyond a day and be every day. Their due worth and respect are notable and invaluable, for society would be at a disadvantage beyond our comprehension without the contributions of teachers. Thanks to Teachers everywhere for your input and impact on securing communities globally; we appreciate what you do.  

The Wonders And Beauty Of Children

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As we approach the celebration of Mother’s and Father’s Day in the coming weeks, there is no better time to look at the reason for us celebrating children. Our Children are gifts that enlighten and enrich our lives. The innocence and curiosity they display can be exhilarating and, at times, tiresome, but it’s all worthwhile. Their beauty within the wonderment of who they are compensated for those anxious moments we cannot escape. In the early development stages between a toddler and a pre-teen, it is a time of added emotional wealth for those actively involved in shaping these little people’s lives. Those early years can be the most fulfilling in the purity of their exchanges, and I became reminded of such innocence in a conversation I had with a five-year-old that has since stayed with me.

I enjoyed playing with Ray when I noticed he had stopped playing and began examining his toys—observing each piece with an acute curiosity. I watched him as he looked at each toy thoroughly. His expression let me know that he was perplexed about a similarity evident among the toys. I could see he was trying to figure it out on his own and respecting his desire; I waited for him to let me know it was Ok to intervene.  I eventually inquired of him when his gaze met mine, at which time I asked if there was a problem? With uncertainty, he answered with this question, “Why are all my toys made in China?” And before I could answer, he continued, “Was I made in China too?” I had difficulties keeping a straight face in my response. Children overall are the light and life to our lives, especially when we allow ourselves to see life through their eyes, which is priceless. These little people can be most enchanting. Their capacity to forgive, love, and be kind could teach some adults how to embrace and experience life to the fullest. The best gift of life is children, and it can be most frightening when they become harmed or, worse, destroyed by those who should be protecting them.

Thank You!

Today, I feel led to be still and not partake in the conversation but to listen, observe and appreciate. We have never crossed paths, but through our exchanges here, I am grateful. Over these several months, with your unwavering support, I am thankful for this platform where we meet and get to know each other. On this day of pause, I will use this time to reflect while being grateful to God for his many blessings, starting with being present in the moment. I got a fresh deposit this morning in the currency of my life when I awoke, and you did the same, proven by your being here. Have a blessed day, and tomorrow we will take up from where we left off. Please, check out The Coming of Grace. It’s on sale at 47% off; get your copy while the sale is on. Enjoy your day and if you cannot help someone today, say something kind!

Building Blocks of Life!

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One of the things about life is that if we stay engaged and aware of our weaknesses, weaknesses that are evident even in our strengths, a level of humility arises that helps keep us grounded. Being mortal, naturally flawed, with proclivities, the difference is God, and we are only His likeness. I am still discovering things about myself relationally and personally across the mile marker of my life (birthdays), having passed fifty. I am sure you too are making discoveries about yourselves, no matter your age. The greatest of findings is having the power to intentionally shut off memories that are too painful to process while reaching for the things that enrich and are empowering. This is the best we can hope for through the processes of life while we grow into who we are meant to be. I believe it is healthy to look inwardly to be better able to see externally. Also, acknowledging that part of life intentionally places what is too painful to handle at rest through forgiveness.

I think the awesome mechanism by which our bodies protect themselves is through intrinsic biological, physiological, and emotional processes granted in Love. We have the incredible power ingrained in us by God, as mysterious and powerful life and light forces we are, which resonate with what’s profitable for the soul. A desire to reach for potentials that heighten the meaning of life. There are times in each life when seeking to fulfill dreams is prioritized over satisfying those dreams over the anticipation of others, so it should be. By becoming our best selves in the promises for our lives.

This is where life becomes more about pulling the subconscious into the moment and harvesting thoughts that facilitate the tangibles of life. Being an active participant in life, I have learned nothing is wasted, even in our darkest moments. Instead, they serve as building blocks to life’s tapestry. Seasons change, and so do our lives. Therefore, we learn to find comfort in knowing that the complete person we aim to become is empowered through the love of God. So, through the building blocks of life, some occurrences that seem volatile, there lies the beauty and wonders later morphed into reality and destiny fulfilled. The unchangeable love of God fosters blessings and, for every small favor that comes our way, serves as a launching pad to better and greater things. So, don’t disregard the little things but see them as the accumulation of life’s blessings. I know I am blessed, and so are you!


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An excerpt from book two: He lifted her head and gazed into her eyes, “Thank you, my dear; it’s good to be appreciated. Now, let us get the kitchen moving. I’m hungry!”

They had a wonderful evening, and their dinner turned out perfectly. At around eleven, Rebekah and Kaleb retired to their respective rooms. Rebekah could not sleep. At about 3: am, she got up to go to the bathroom. On her way back to bed, she decided that she should go to him. It took her five attempts for her to get up the nerve to walk to his door. She believed that only certain women do such a thing, and she wasn’t that type? Finally, Rebekah could no longer control her urge; dressed only in a robe, she knocked at his door. He was groggy and became startled out of his sleep; he mumbled, “The door is unlocked.”  Gingerly, she entered, crawling into bed with him. Still fully robed, she snuggled up to him. He was naked, and neither one said a word. She removed her robe, and they created a new reality in the hours that followed. Rebekah had been celibate for several years and had almost forgotten how it felt to be with a man. She impaled herself on him as she hung unto what felt like a life source. Repeatedly they refreshed their longings, ensuring either wasn’t left wanting. Finally, in the light of day, with the early morning light filtering through his bedroom window, she arose, getting out of bed, holding him by the hand […]

Emotional Bankrupt?

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The first time I heard someone being referred to as emotionally bankrupt was as a young child. I became perplexed, trying to fully grasp exactly what it meant. I understood bankruptcy as something tangible; it is monetary, like losing money. Later on, I heard a Pastor state, “If all you have is money and not relationships, you are the poorest of the poor.” It took me almost years to fully understand these analogies of emotional bankruptcy. However, by my association with someone who is debt-free, owns several real estate, several vehicles, and the list goes on. Of course, everything paid up in full, but the tragedy of it, during my time on earth, I have never met anyone as poor!

The poverty is so striking that it makes me want to scratch my head almost every time they speak, and I don’t even have an itchy scalp. They refused to read a book and thought books were intended as space holders, not to be read. They have absolutely no interest in anyone else but their immediate family and self. The horror of this is they ran a multi-million-dollar company and is the decision-maker who affects the lives of others. I learned from this bird’s eye view what emotional bankruptcy truly means.

The obvious with them are signs of unresolved childhood issues masked by their denials that there are problems. They are not bad people but could threaten the emotional well-being of others. Trust for them is a serious struggle to extend to others, and they are always in a fighting mode; sadly, they feel that way when there is no enemy to fight. This is so sad; it’s beyond tears. What’s my point?  Money doesn’t always equate to success; having healthy relationships are more valuable than money. Also, sometimes we interact with someone that seems impossible to get along with; we should tell ourselves we are not their problem and use those experiences to help us develop better-coping skills by being patient.

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Concept of Believing!

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The book of Hebrews in the New Testament is credited to Paul the Apostle, who defined Faith as the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. To the average non-believer, this concept of belief is borderline delusion or a detachment from reality. In practicality, one cannot fault anyone for thinking along that line of rationale. We can only comprehend concepts of beliefs from a place of learned norms within our exposures.

However, believers in the divinity of God’s power and the manifestation of promises are assured through one’s faith. For some, Faith is considered a radical approach to life. I will use myself as a subject as one of those believers. As a twenty-three-year-old, I traveled across the globe with mere pennies in my purse, alone, unsure of where I would have ended upon my arrival in New York City, but I believed God would protect and provide for me. Yes! My thoughts were God wouldn’t allow my life to come undone in my quest for upward mobility within the unknown. Faith became the key to opening up a world to me, unlike anything I’ve ever known.

I noticed those who teeter on the edge of life tend to latch on to things of God crystallized by their Faith in Him. In that place of belief within limited opportunities, surrounded by circumstances that create unattainable objectives, not just hoping but uncommon Faith in God paves the way. Interestingly, it would be hypocritical to state that only those with faith in God find success in life; that is far from the truth. What is true is that successful people apply principles of Faith that believers adhere to; while their differences are unlike some Christians, wishing and praying only about their objectives, while they act tirelessly to their advantage to succeed.

Some Christians truly believe in God and are Faith-driven yet paralyzed by assuming they should get special treatment while sitting on their laurels, waiting for a miracle to thrust them into their purpose and dreams. However, when Christ walked as man upon the earth, He traveled and evangelized. He could have sat on a hillside and asked the disciples to do his leg work by bringing people to Him. But instead, he was a carpenter who worked tirelessly to win souls and help people everywhere he went. Therefore, I know Faith coupled with hard work and perseverance will bear fruits to the honor of God.

El libro de Hebreos se atribuye al Apóstol Pablo, quien definió la Fe, como la certeza de lo que se espera, la convicción de lo que no se ve. Para el no creyente promedio, este concepto roza los delirios o el desapego de la realidad. Sin embargo, para el creyente la fe es la sustancia que da frutos validados por las palabras de la verdad de Dios y dentro de esas verdades se manifiestan los deseos de las promesas cumplidas. Para algunos de nosotros, la fe se considera radical en la forma en que abordamos nuestras vidas. Voy a utilizar yo mismo un tema. Yo soy uno de esos creyentes en la fe. Cuando tenía veintitrés años, viajé por todo el mundo con solo unos centavos en mi bolso, solo, sin saber dónde terminaría. Mi vida comenzó así en Estados Unidos y, como muchos inmigrantes, la fe es nuestro recurso cuando no hay otro lugar a donde ir. ¡Sí! Mantiene el corazón no sólo esperando sino creyendo y cada vez más lo que se cree posible, se hace realidad. Así es como muchos de nosotros moldeamos nuestras vidas desde la infancia. Es interesante, cuando la vida no nos brinda muchas opciones a través de enfermedades sociales, culturales, socioeconómicas o cualquier otra enfermedad que nos acosa para avanzar hacia la estación deseada en la vida, la fe se convierte en la guía que conduce al camino de tener algo a lo que aferrarse. Es aquí donde llegamos a reconocer a Dios más profundamente. A veces son las situaciones de humildad las que nos hacen avanzar hacia ese lugar de plenitud con propósito y qué mejor manera que la fe como catalizador.

Emotional Entrapment?

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I have been examining what fear is and does to an individual and how it can deceive and masquerade as one being cautious when it’s being afraid. I am a layperson offering my perspective on fear. In no way am I advocating to have special training to speak on this topic? My insights derived from the classroom of life. It would be safe to say everyone has a certain amount of fear in responding to life’s ever-present unknowns. However, the fear that is crippling and manifests in a manner that stunts growth, erases dreams, and suffocates it’s the fear I am talking about. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real; this is what fear is!

Whenever falsehood arises, here lies an opening that leads to emotional entrapment, resulting in behaviors that initiate one’s life outcome. How can one become impaired, operating under mental restraints caused by fear? It goes back to knowing oneself through the words of truth in Jesus Christ. Let me explain! The Bible stated we are created in the image of God and his likeness! There lies the answer, and if God is the master of the universe, which makes Him King, and we are created by Him in his image with the inherent ability to exhibit His traits, that makes us…what? I will let you answer that question, which is a personal decision. This is good news for me; it encourages, inspires, and makes me believe whatever I set out to do will manifest within time. Why? My Fear has been replaced with faith!

Fear cannot dictate our lives when we see ourselves as God sees us. I will use another analogy of having an exhilarating feeling whenever we are dressed up for a formal event. Provided we adorned ourselves with whatever garment of fancy, which usually evokes positive feelings that deepen a sense of having a presence within our appearance. We look admiringly at ourselves in the mirror with confidence in having achieved the result intended. If only we could see ourselves as that special beautiful garment adorned; uniquely made and cannot be easily replicated. Fear would then show itself in rare moments of life’s endeavors as a reminder to appreciate and value what we have and achieved with gratitude rather than its crippling effects.

It can serve us well in initiating appreciation and humility, which is empowering. Fear isn’t always negative, but it is whenever it becomes a crutch, hindrance, or a dream crusher. Fear can be used as an aide to bring us fulfillment, or it can use us to be life’s casualty. It’s at this juncture being crippled by it that God seemed like a bystander being replaced by fear. I know this is a controversial statement, but the obvious is that faith and fear cannot coexist as equals; one erodes the other. God is faithful, and God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear. Again, the choice lies with us having the free will to choose between the two.

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Yes, Love!

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In the search for a higher spiritual insight and a deeper awareness of self, one usually inquiry as to why we are and what initiates and supports life? Christ is the answer. Life is multi-dimensional, which adds uniqueness to the beauty of who we are. However, our perception can become warped by the influx of information that comes at us. Despite this known quality of Christ’s Love for us, there are still those who don’t accept it. However, the advent of time arouses desires to experience the beauty of the power of Love and being loved. We were meant to be Christ’s ambassadors of Love. Several theories, well-written books, and scholars explained and rationale this phenomenon of life’s force from different perspectives with the absence of Christ. However, the answer simply lies in trusting and believing in Jesus Christ. In thinking through faith, transformation lies in opening the soul, which enlightens us with revelations through his teachings.

The simplest meaning of life seems harder to embrace due to overwhelming information creating distortion. Therefore, what should be easy is somewhat rejected because of the mindset that it should be harder to attain if it is that effective or good. Consequently, we fall into a mineshaft of thinking and believing that deception, all tricks to erode and even abort what brings us our best life. Yes! At times, it’s best to see from our heart rather than sight. Those matters of the heart can lead to a clearer view of the meaning of life. In the Bible, John 3:16 poignantly reminded us we were bought with Love! Jesus Christ gave his life so we could have life more abundantly. Although He made that sacrifice solely based on love so pure, He allowed us the freedom to choose Him through acceptance with obedience. He loved us first, and it is up to us to reciprocate. Have a blessed day!

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Wisdom Teaches!

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One of the benefits of life is that as we get older, wisdom teaches us our priorities and those priorities give us direction within our purpose. Although we might not realize it yet, we have a sense of who or what we aim to be and how that reflects within the larger scheme of life. Those goals help us uniquely adapt to a cause or a particular station in life. The wonders and beauty of discovering purpose; become an awakening that brings us truly alive in living! So celebrate whatever your goal is in the beautiful, wonderful, and special person you are by recognizing the similar traits and desires while collectively recognizing that we make this spinning mass we call the world worth saving. Have a blessed day in your sliver of space wherever you are, and always remember you are an extension of our making our purpose worthwhile during our exchanges. Enjoy your day!