The conduits of life aren’t without their fair share of obstacles. But, interestingly, when there is balance within the universe, it initiates enlightenment which leads to achievement. This series of events shoulder advancement, which becomes the catalyst towards reaching something greater than ourselves, an epiphany of His love, as in the likeness of God! Marjorie Delores.

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The Promise of This Grace

Through the visions, tarry

Still, I must wait

While patience transfer me

Into the image of his grace,

Through faith and works, I run this race                                                 

While understanding, holds my hands

And guides my pace

This distance seems long

And sometimes, unsure

But when preparation, obedience, and faith, meets destiny

God opens the door.

So I’ll take each step and enjoy each stage

For God is preparing me

For the glory of his grace

By Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

For every vision, There is a journey. There is an obstacle, landmines, and detours that we have to get over or go through for every path.

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Friendships are usually formed through social selection and can become one of the greatest long-term experiences one could hope or ask for. Recipients of this social exchange benefitted in ways that empowered lives. The unset is unconditional acceptance, shared ideals, mutual respect, constructive criticism without being judgmental, recognizing the greater good, which will result from efforts to see you at your best. Real friendship arouses qualities we often have and potentials we are unaware of. In terms and form, real and true friends are destiny helpers. Their support and created a framework of unconditional love, which helped propels us forward in life, and when friendship stood the test of time, they gave us wings to fly.

Real ‘Friendship” not only will stand the test of time but make the difference evident in the growth and quality of our lives. At this early stage of this year, it’s a good time to access and validate our relationships and give them the recognition they deserve. Remember, time is fleeting, and we cannot see beyond the moment we are in, and the friends we have should know they are appreciated.

At this time last year, I had a dear friend with me, not knowing she would die in a few weeks. It is a loss that left a void I am unsure will ever be filled. My friend Avis was a friend that everyone should experience having at least once in their lifetime; she had a heart of gold and was one of my biggest cheerleaders; almost a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of her. I am grateful for having had her as a friend. My life is fuller because of her; she spoke goodness into my life. I am blessed to still have two other friends that also add to the quality of my being, and each brings unique attributes to bear for which I am grateful. However, Avis Bennett’s exceptional quality is unreplicated and irreplaceable. Call your friends and let them know they are loved!

Poetry, a Rhapsody of the Soul

I honor my creator for allowing me this time and space and bringing me into a state of peace cultivated through His grace. Having embarked upon this frontier of a deeper understanding of life breathes renewed purpose. My hopes are by chronicling my emotions in a manner that speaks from the Heart, the blessings of God will become evident in who I am.

The poems shared are experiences reflective of voices whispering in the cubicle of their circumstance and hearts given release in whatever state they are in. I hope voices heard here come to know we are more alike than different. In this endeavor, acceptance is achieved, and a meaningful change is a new landscape enlightening souls.

Poetry, it’s a rhapsody of the soul,

Inviting, captivating, stimulating, and exciting

It sometimes analyzes, qualifies, and validates,

Emotions so complex arousing passion which ignites;

Attempting to explain the intensity of such

A wishing and a longing that sometimes seems to collide

Poetry’s a composition of all those emotions,

Conveyed within the beauty, magic, and simplicity of the

language of words;

They are sometimes concealed within the mystique of love.

Therefore, my dear, let your Heart be aware of the power of words,

And kindly share the best of what who you are in your giving,

Always remembering what the power of words can bring in kind or, deed,

Because poetry is like a rhapsody of those varied emotions,

Becoming a sweet fragrant melody of the soul!


Marjorie Delores

New Year’s Resolution?

It’s customary for many of us to make New Year’s resolutions. However, those plans usually don’t go beyond the first three to four months of the New Year for most of us. Reasons being it’s difficult to break out of old customs for many of us. Also, as the intensity of daily life seems to come at us with such velocity at times, it’s almost impossible reshaping one’s routine to what we consider practical or more fulfilling. Moreover, it’s a task dealing with life’s unpredictability, which creates shock waves throwing us off balance much too often. And it is not necessarily within our immediate surroundings; it is the media and active involvement with social sites through our countless devices. Unintentionally, we are pulled into this sphere of external events over which we have no control. What we internalize shapes our thoughts and emotions, which eventually affect us. I intend to take control of this area of my life because it’s not healthy allowing outside forces to invade one’s emotions to the point of almost a subliminal control. I plan to declutter, starting with not being so taken by external affairs that it controls my thought process. It’s practical to stay informed. However, there should be balance in every area of life. I am aiming for that balance, how about you?


On this first day of 2022, we have so much to be thankful for, starting with our health, family, friends, and community. It’s a blessing having others who care and a community with resources with social programs and community outreach to catch us if we should fall. The Pandemic hasn’t broken our spirit; it has heightened our resolve and reinforced our collective will. As we moved forward with confidence, believing that we will overcome these challenges resulting from a new norm imposed on us by COVID-19 and all its variance, we are a people of strength. We will rise above to arrive where we can again exhale and inhale without concern that the next breath we take could be detrimental to our health. Until then, let’s find peace knowing that we will overcome this. Have a blessed and happy New Year, and God bless you and your loved one!

The Sun rises, and it will arise for us each day anew; let us catch its rays in the warmth of our spirit and become the light that shows the way.

An Overview!

Happy New Year 2022: Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Quotes, Status

My overview for the coming year and what I think is possible has taught me it is good to look back on past mistakes, challenges, and missed opportunities. By so doing, it makes one better equipped to make better decisions. This blog has been a learning and growing experience. My passion has always been to express myself through writing.

Interestingly, it’s the only way that I communicate my feelings effectively. It’s not that I have some speech impediment. It’s rather a personality flaw, and this blog has helped me better understand the broader scope of the exchange of ideas, which can become enlightening.

This experience has made me feel like a flower about to bloom within the endless possibilities within this forum. This medium enables, advocates, and encourages growth. It also lends support between bloggers as a part of the community, effectively adding voice to issues of importance. I appreciate those bloggers who have helped make this experience a gratifying one for me. I hope and wish that this coming year will thrust us into our best, and the lives we make a difference with will start with that of our own.


Wishes You Happy New Year 2022 Greeting Card Online

Being Grateful!

In two more days, we will be welcoming in 2022. There is so much to be grateful for in retrospect of this past year. With its many challenges, there are several things to be thankful for. First, express gratitude for still being here above ground. Unfortunately, countless others who were here last year are no longer. There’s sadness for their loss, and for me, it hit close to home in the loss of loved ones. Throughout the year, there have been many changes, some of which make you shudder to think such evil abounds with a feverish adulation. However, there are things to be grateful for despite it all. First, I am thankful for the emotional growth that has heightened my relationship with God. It created a deeper understanding of life that makes me more accepting of things I once wasn’t. I no longer care about being right but advocating peace with acceptance, knowing I am a part of this magical experience called life, not one of its axis. No one starts their day thinking; I hope they are pleased with me for me to carry on the business of my life! Oh, no! No rational person does. In light of this reality, humbly, I embrace its multi-dimensional aspects in the sliver of my life. While praying that in 2022, I become even more reflective of God’s love, and my real purpose becomes realized through the lives of others because I didn’t only do the talk, but I walk the talk. It’s then, and only then, I can be truly grateful for embodying God’s love and be what I hope to become, purposeful within his purpose for my being!

Taken from The Winter Years of Life audiobook on sale on Amazon.


Rebecca Masters’ story is loosely based on some factual events with powerful messages about never giving up no matter how difficult life gets. She made the difficult decision to migrate from Cinderella Island to America in search of a better life, alone with less than a dollar in her pocket. Upon her arrival, Rebekah met with immediate struggles, some of which seemed insurmountable. Rebekah wonders whether she’ll ever escape the nemesis in her life, abject poverty. Yet, despite that frightening reality, she stays loyal to her faith in God, believing in his unwavering grace. This mindset propels her into a life of opportunities with achievements. A catalyst to thrusting her into the life she always dreamt of. The Coming of Grace is a truly heartwarming story filled with comedy, drama, suspense, and the undeniable truth that good things usually come to those who have not strayed from the path of a core belief in the goodness of God. One thing was for certain; her life was about to change forever. Her faith in God saved her. It also unfolds his promises for her life, topped off by getting one of her greatest desires, finally being loved.

The Winter Years of Life is a collection of compelling and thought-provoking poems by Marjorie Delores. The author’s aesthetic mind captures the beauty of everyday life and its complexities. It is unique to sit back and absorb life’s realities that sometimes we unintentionally shut out or overlook in this fascinating and busy world. Marjorie has penned waves of emotions in a sophisticated yet sweet manner that will easily relate to the reader. Every poem comes straight from a place of experience and intends to give voice to those who have walked a similar path.

A Canvas of Words

Soul Expression is a concept of a fusion of how I see myself and the world. It’s a canvas decorated with life’s multifaceted forces. The center of which are words. Words are what move every part of who we are, in whole and detail. Even the mute utilizes words through sign language and braille. In my exchange within this forum, my expression varies in approach. I love the beauty and surrealism poetry brings to its audience and the rhythm that enchants in its expression. The other is storytelling, a medium of information, windows of the soul, where we can see ourselves or learn from others through life experiences. Strangely it’s like a roadmap of sorts that allows insights and rekindles hope within their conclusion. And there are quotes, which are words of wisdom in bite-size, not too much but enough to help us on our way. In all these varied forms, collectively, these thoughts are what I hope to deliver in a manner that adds to the larger exchange in this forum with impact. I truly believe within the arena of life filled with countless possibilities; there are footprints with every step we make, and I endeavor that this becomes a part of my footprints. Thank you for visiting here these many months and for your support. God bless you all, and may 2022 be all you hope for and more! Marjorie Delores