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On this Labor Day, acknowledgment of achievements through dedication and tireless input of this great nation gives cause to celebrate. Therefore, on this day of recognition of workers, may we find fulfillment while advancing towards the future. So, nation builders, my fellow citizens across this land, in different capacities, you make this day possible and you are saluted and deservingly so, as we all celebrated with pride this Labor Day, thank you.

Peace Under Pressure!

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The absence of Peace breathes the presence of conflict, and the most destructive conflict isn’t external but within the soul. On that battlefield, the fighter is self, and the loser is self! It took almost a lifetime for me to fully grasp a deeper understanding of the power and the potency of having Peace under pressure. It doesn’t matter how others see us, it’s how we see ourselves, and our destiny is determined within the prism of how we are seen by us. God has the final say but has given us free will; therefore, our final outcome lies with self. Before I became submerged in this spiritual journey, which heightened my awareness of the things of God through the knowledge of Him, my approach was “I don’t give a damn,” which was escapism when faced with reality discomfort. I am sure I am not alone in this admission. But the equalizer, which is time, eventually puts things in balance, and the truth usually uncovers what seems obscured or hidden, showing the power of God in its unveiling.

Isaiah 55: 11 echoes an insight into a glimpse of who God is, which reads, “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper into the thing whereto I sent it.” As I allow these verses to fill my spirit with Peace, again, I hearken back to the gospel of John. John 1:1 takes us back to the basics: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This proven truth, the existence of humanity, is intertwined with God’s presence and purpose, which was created through and by his Word; started with “let there be light,” and life became evident in us, and His given power starting with light, provides clarity and direction. We are because He is, and on acceptance of God’s truth, Peace under pressure becomes possible while filtering occurrences through the eyes of truth that lies in the Words of God. Acceptance of this known fact of who we are in God no longer should one operate from a place of denial; however, embracing the reality that lit our paths can lead to real and lasting Peace under pressure. Therefore, no matter whether the storms are raging and upheavals threaten us, Peace with acceptance of God is where the answers lie. One of my favorite adages states, “Losing faith in mankind is losing faith in oneself.” As one who believes in herself, I must see the value of others as I see the value of myself. So, in honor of life, and the best that we can be, embracing truth serves to liberate the soul, and there lies real freedom! Peace under pressure will reverberate within the soul from knowing who holds all of life, and with God lies life’s ultimate outcomes. In our limited options during the observance of what unfolds, at times to our dismay, it benefits us to make a notable difference in our lives by starting to embrace the truth of God’s fulfillment through our lives! It is here it is possible to find peace under pressure. Peace!

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I believe good will always override the worst of life’s experiences, and in the landmines of our past, eradicating what held us hostage, making way for new experiences. In the process of those challenges, may we realize the best of who we are, solidified by the promises of God? Therefore, whatever station in life we may be, or wherever we thought we should have been, release all misgivings because the One who holds the future is still at work in our lives. Therefore, come into an awakening and acknowledge that whatever strides we make should be enough reason to be thankful. Remember, we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, so fully embrace the journey. I pray may the footprints we see and admire are that of our own, and the path they paved adds to the legacies of life. So, my friend, today is the start of another weekend, and one in which most of us will be busy preparing for a celebratory time in honor of Labor Day festivities. So please, let us not forget how we got here, and stay safe. Life can be wonderful but also fragile, so take care and have a safe and fulfilled time. 


Children Grow Up to Be Adults!

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Recently, there was a story of a six-year-old that almost got abducted while playing in front of her home. Each time this happens, it makes us as parents pause and take notice. Although it wasn’t the first time this had occurred, each time we learned of such a blight on society, in the face of preying on the most vulnerable, it doesn’t make it any easier to come to terms with the brutality of it. It would be pretentious to imply this is something that hasn’t always plagued humanity because it’s’ been with us since the beginning of time. However, what makes it so heartwrenching today, which arouses anger is that one would think that the onset of technology, to the point that we are constantly under surveillance, would serve as a deterrent. Sadly, those culprits will risk the full force of the judicial system in its punishment. It makes one wonder how depraved a person can be to harm children in such a brutal way. I understood it’s’ less about the physicality of the act and more about exerting power over the weakest among us with excuses for such actions as past trauma experienced by the perpetrators causes them to be that way. Maybe, I’m’ ignorant, but I failed to understand how one can experience such pain and inflict the same on an innocent child.

In some third-world countries, the penalty when caught raping a child is a response called jungle justice, where the assailant gets beaten severally, castrated, or killed. Yet, in the face of that approach, it doesn’t eradicate the crime. Due to the severity of poverty, the assailants become more sophisticated in recruiting their victims. They prey on the weaknesses in the structural system by placing themselves as supportive of the parents or guardians that need financial help. They create a facade of a savior in their pretense of preying on children. Those on the sideline observing all this unfold are inclined to put labels on these social misfits to explain the short and long-term adverse effects they unleash. However, what has been overlooked by everything mankind does against itself is a result born of a sinful nature! Whenever that nature becomes fed by the beast that causes it to be, which is an absence of truth and operating in darkness, shutting out the light of God, then all roads lead to one outcome; destruction. Children grow up to be adults, and those adults dictate tomorrow’s footprints in our world’s condition. Our experiences shape who we are. Therefore, it befits us to protect our greatest future assets, our children, by being guided by the light found in God, the eradicator of sin. Peace!


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I am not wise or smart enough to offer solutions

to the complexities of life

Neither have I lived long enough to understand the intricacies

of life’s numerous wonders,

We are ever unfolding through the corridors of time and space

One day it is me, the next it is you,

Like a game of chess within the circle of life,

Giving way to the beauties array,

 From a baby’s cry—to the sweet fragrance of daffodils,

One evokes the senses while the other soothes them.

Although separate, yet together, each giving rise to its whole,

It is for us to touch, taste, feel, and see the precious gifts of it all

Which lies within you and lies within me,

Captured at our first given breath,

We so casually call life;

Even though it may be hard at times,

It is ours to have— paid with a price

By His omnipotence, call God.

The Power Of Truth

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Learning from the lives of others is not only conducive to improving who we are but serves as an extension of who we can become. Women such as Ruth, from Biblical times to the present day, serve as our go-to for gaining a deeper understanding of the direction of having a more purposeful life. Although Ruth exemplifies the power of truth, the source for being Godly, her position as a woman with purpose became solidified through God’s grace upon his acknowledgment and acceptance.

Ruth’s life reflects devotion, love, and redemption in the essence of who she was. Her “Devotion” aroused desires that resulted in engaging outcomes and being present in her life. There is a common denominator among us. We don’t do things without reasons for doing them, which seems to be encoded in our DNA; it’s just who we are. Ruth became devoted to God after learning that the benefits of doing so would outweigh all she knew while held in bondage. She had lived in bondage and had no free will; she couldn’t question what defies logic during observing evil beyond reason committed in the name of false gods. However, having the wisdom to disengage and engage with truth, which is found in the true and living God, Ruth let go and let God. God took her from living as an object in the eyes of others to the arms of Mahlon, Elimelech, and Naomi’s son, whom she fell in love with. He was her destiny helper through whom she was ushered into the gateway of her blessings.

Therefore, when Naomi lost her husband and sons, the family, home, and life as Naomi knew it was forever gone. Naomi decided to return alone, where she had begun life with her family, whom she had now lost. But, her daughter-in-law Ruth wouldn’t hear of it. No way Ruth would allow her to be alone in her old age. Ruth, in her devotion and love, attempted to erase any misgivings Naomi might have about her wanting to be with her by declaring; “Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whether thou go, I will go: and where thou stay, I will stay: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.” Ruth 1: 16 from the KJV version of the Bible.

Her open declaration of love and devotion of a soul filled with the best the spirit has to give a person in the renewal of hope within promises for a better tomorrow. The ultimate sense of not only being a part of something good but an aroused desire to become a force for the goodness that goes beyond self. This epiphany didn’t just happen but was sown by love etched by truth. Mahlon, the man of God, who set out doing God’s will, activated a set of circumstances that led to who we know today as Ruth, a great woman across the ages.

Let’s pause for a second and fast forward to the present state of our world today. Each day is volatile in its unpredictability. Looking to the past helps us understand the present and, hopefully, the future better. And our common sense tells us it’s just a matter of time before something gives because of where we are. So, what does one do while we wait?! Or should we start where we are by seeing the next person as we want to be seen? Seeing their demise as that of our own? All these are hard questions with answers found in truth! God’s truth, and with him, there is fullness of life, which Ruth discovered and used for her redemption. What Ruth knew as true at the onset of her life was evil and destructive. Yet, she obtained the strength to walk away guided by the truth, to become known throughout the ages as a woman who found love and happiness when it once seemed impossible. History recorded her finding love again with a man named Boaz after much loss and heartache. Ruth became the great-grandmother of our Saviour Jesus Christ because King David was a part of her lineage through whom Joseph, the earthly representation of a father of Jesus, came.

So, there it is; it doesn’t matter how our lives started out; it’s about the choices we make along the way and how we finish. Each day gives us another chance to end well. There lies greatness in many of us, but like everything else, a process towards getting there to our God-intended destiny must be initiated to bear fruit and not aborted. Our motivation can show our potential if activated through the truth that lies with God. God is the key to life’s mysteries, and truth turns probabilities into possibilities. Peace!!

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By Devine Intervention!

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I became led to revisit the story of Ruth, the Semitic woman from the Bible, commonly referred to as a Moabite, by delving deeper into the many layers of her life. As I peeled back those layers and saw the richness of each layer, Her story cannot be glossed over but should become highlighted for what it is, a testament to who God is in the lives of those who accept and serve him wholeheartedly. In her formative years, she was sold into slavery by her father, which was the norm in those times. Children being impressionable made it easy for her owners to brainwash her into seeing life through their eyes. She became conditioned to do her handler will, that involved grooming children as sacrifices to their idols, whom they saw as gods. Fervent in her belief born out of ignorance, she became proficient at what was expected of her, doing her master’s will. In time by divine intervention, the dynamics within her experiences shifted, replaced by her season of change, proceeded by a host of emotional and social upheavals setting her life on course within the fulfillment of her destiny. For those of us who are faith-led, we believe nothing doesn’t just happen! There is always an underpinning outcome time will reveal. Going through life’s processes is never easy; it sometimes takes us to the edge but not over it, which is where an awakening occurs. While going through what is necessary to prepare us for another level in life can feel like being trapped in a storm. No matter the circumstances, once we know who calms the wind and that He controls the water, it becomes a no-brainer in our response; we find peace. It becomes natural to line up with the things of God, who oversees all. Ruth’s storm began when she saw the truth of life. Isaiah 42: 8 of the JKV Bible stated: “I am the Lord: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.”  Acceptance of God’s truth, it’s like light shining into the darkness; all that once was is no longer on accepting fact because the truth is unchangeable, and so is God. In coming into the truth of God, especially for a non-believer, it seems things get worse before they become better[…]


Is It Just Me?

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Is it just me, but something seems to be brewing as the days go by, which heightens sensitivity and awareness to sure up one’s place in the scheme of things with God? The daily news has become a diet of a steady gloom and dome, intensifying one’s trepidation to inquire, “What’s next?!” It almost makes you apt to believe the sky is about to fall. However, history is a go-to example that nothing is new under the sun, and when people ignore the past, regrettably, history will repeat itself. However, amid upheavals, there can be rebirth and changes towards redemption. It’s all a choice; hopefully, those choices will be beneficial. At the crossroads of life, when renewal becomes the central theme within challenges that serve as a testing ground for sifting out what isn’t profitable for advancement, it’s like birthing pain. One thing for sure is that whatever is on the horizon, I pray it may favor us. And the future does not replicate the past but shows us what can be possible to become a better version of who we are. You and your family have a safe and blessed weekend, and don’t minimize the gains you’ve made; even if it’s not as hoped, life happens in steps, and we can only take one step at a time. Stay safe, and thanks for stopping by. Peace!!

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Being Reminded!


In these times of unpredictability, it’s comforting to be reminded regularly of who is in charge and has the final say on this journey we’re on, “Life.” In that place of solace and peace on reading Ms. Jackson’s poem, I became invigorated, being reminded of the importance of God, who has the final say.

I Need You!

Like a moth to light, I’m drawn to you

Just as a composer of a tune,

Like a bee to pollen and inexperience to youth

I’m drawn to you, Lord, in all I do

Like a wave follows a tide, in the moonlight

Just as my heartbeat tries to pursue life,

Like a puppy lives to please, and as night makes stars shine

My soul longs for you, Lord, to make you mine,

Like lungs need oxygen to breathe in

Just as babies need someone to clothe and feed them,

Like humans need love, and fish need water?

I need you, Lord, above you; there’s no one.


Sandra Jackson

Taken from ‘The Proof of Life,’ on sale at Amazon.com.


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Trust is often spoken of without considering its meaning, impact, or violation. However, as society evolves, so do convictions, as we change ideals, culture, beliefs, faith, or the lack thereof. Trust quickly becomes a footnote, an afterthought during our exchange, but Proverbs 3: 5 & 6 from the JKV Bible explains why this can be rectified by starting here: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. (6) In all your ways, acknowledge him, and He shall direct your paths.” Here lies the roadmap of real and lasting trust, starting with God and looking to Him for our guidance.

In retrospect, everything in life begins somewhere, at some time, and by an event we all can agree on as beings resulting from conception and birth. We started life as babies, and we were like clean slates, and between our families and social and cultural influences, the essence of who we become is the result of those units. As people are formed and fashioned in the likeness of God, there isn’t complete independence of Him, even if we choose to believe otherwise. This truth is proven daily in witnessing events of which we are spectators not by choice but by default, designed that way. The power to change those occurrences put in place by the forces be “God” is beyond our scope, even in our greatest efforts. There are limits and boundaries to how far anyone can go in the things of God and nature. Now, let us explore the central theme, what is trust? In God’s stewardship, although we are the image of Him, God guides us with proof of why to trust in Him. There is no failure or violation! On acceptance with knowledge of this truth, it becomes easier to deal with violations of those we trust or who trust us that we have failed.

As humans, our emotions shape our biases, even with the best of intentions, and wired to fail and sometimes fail miserably, we sometimes do. Therefore,  when trust becomes broken, it doesn’t mean we are evil; it means we are imperfect people, and it’s for that reason we need a Saviour. It’s difficult not to be angered by someone who betrays our trust or places us in harm’s way by violating that trust. However, we should try seeing ourselves through the eyes of mercy. God’s mercy is new to us daily. We might not have done what they did, but in honesty and self-inventory by looking over our lives, we too came up short, maybe not the same way as they did, but nevertheless, short. Therefore, trust should begin within its beginning, which is with God, through understanding with clarity, and all the rest will fall into place. Trust could be viewed as the other side of faith, which initiates teachings leading to forgiveness. So, the meaning of “trust” may become cloudy in its intended purpose, but its impact widens in its outreach. Peace!