Over Weight?

I saw a YouTube video of Valarie Bertinelli being brought to tears after told she needs to lose weight by a woman. I feel her pain as someone who also struggles with weight issues. The only difference between her and me is I don’t allow strangers who do not know or cares about me to get into my head with their insecurities or hatred. I am saddened for Valarie because she wants to be the weight society ascribed to as acceptable beauty. Valarie, I wish you didn’t allow this woman (stranger) to get to you like that! You are beautiful as you are! May I ask? Who has the true description of what real beauty is or should be? Who? Unfortunately, we as women are expected to fit into what desirability is supposed to be dictated by others.  We’ve succumbed to this typecast of what beauty should be, handed down to us for much too long. It is sad and worrisome when another woman inflicts emotional hurt by perpetuating the harm inflicted for centuries on us. Each of us wants to be at our best! However, with the seasons of life, we change in ways that we prefer not to, but how do you negotiate with time? As we become older, we developed medical issues, some of which medication alters our appearance. So to women, like the one who called herself body shaming another woman, let’s be thoughtful of each other, and weigh our words, rather than focusing on weighing the pounds of others. Peace!! Soul Expression

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