Light of Love!

Last year this time, my dear friend Avis was with me. A week hardly went by that we didn’t reach out to each other. In our final conversation, not knowing that would have been my last time talking to her,  I expressed my love for her. Unfortunately, shortly after that conversation, my friend had a massive stroke which took her life. This loss impacted my life profoundly. She was who I call my mother-friend! My go-to whenever life’s complexities seemed like an avalanche. She was a voice of wisdom, reason, thoughtfulness, and love. She would topped that off by reminding me to count my blessings.

The objective behind sharing this is a reminder of how fragile life is. For those we love, let them know their importance in our lives. I am glad I had told her of her value in my life and how I love her.  I pray that someone somewhere becomes unashamedly expressive of their love to those in their life. So much so that it creates a magnetic force spreading giving warmth from love. Tomorrow isn’t promised or guaranteed to anyone. Therefore, let every exchange count and every event a worthwhile memory, starting today and with who we are, as the light of love by expressing love. Yes! this what the world needs, a love that spreads. Soul Expression!

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