Marjorie Delores, best known as Marjorie Delores Watt resides in Florida, where she is now retired and living out her dream. Marjorie migrated to the United States of America as a twenty-three-year-old with a desire that someday her dreams of becoming an author would come to life. Marjorie somehow detoured and worked for thirty-years in the healthcare field.  Her passion for others and her seeing the beauty in everything helped to fuel her craft as a healthcare worker; she focused on a holistic approach looking beyond her patients physical ailments. Her belief is that wellness involves the entire person, the mind, body, and soul.

Today, Marjorie spends her days doing what brings her fulfillment, which is writing from the heart.  Her recent books, “The Winter Years of Life” and “Through the Corridors of Time,” both reverberates with the beauty and intricacy that lies within the human soul; this shared common thread  of joy and pain, a commonality in the rhythm of life, at times absorbing and exhausting, yet it holds us spellbound. S. Lyttle 

Through the Corridors of Time

Through Corridors of Time is a collection of beautifully woven stories filled with emotion, thought, and power. The stories detail the experiences of Marjorie Delores as she travels on the steep known as life. It serves as a piece of learning on what she gained from the harsh realities of the world. The stories convey a powerful message from the acoustic mind of the author to live one’s life. It is an ironic state where one gets to know more about the fleeting nature of time as it progresses. This book serves as a guiding tool for the souls seeking nourishment and the heart to be whole again.