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Rebecca Masters’ story is loosely based on factual events with powerful messages about never giving up, no matter how difficult life gets. Rebekah is a twenty-three-year-old woman trying to navigate her way through the vicissitude of life. Along her journey, she had made the difficult decision to migrate from Cinderella Island in search of a better life. Rebekah was fascinated by the life depicted daily in the media of America. Alone and with less than a dollar in her pocket. Upon her arrival in America, the harsh realities of being an immigrant and being alone were frightening. She met with immediate struggles, some of which seems insurmountable. Rebekah wondered whether she would ever escape the nemesis in her life, abject poverty. Yet, despite that frightening reality, she stayed loyal to her faith in God through his unwavering grace. It’s this mindset that propelled her into a life of opportunities with multiple achievements. It became a catalyst to thrust her into the life she always dreamt of.  One thing was for certain, her life was about to change forever. The Coming of Grace is truly a heartwarming story filled with comedy, drama, suspense, and the undeniable truth that good things usually come to those who have not strayed from the path of a core belief in the goodness of God. Her faith in God saved her. It also enabled his promises to unfold in her life, topped off by her greatest desire to be loved.

Taken from audiobook “The Winter Years of Life” is now an sale on iTunes, Audible and Amazon.
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