Love is the Answer

Love is the answer

To every question ever asked

To every wound that needs to heal

Love is the answer

To every crime ever wrought

To every hurt sin has brought

Love is the answer

For everything, a check won’t right

For every failing made out of sight

Love is the answer

When nothing else can help

When you disappoint yourself

Love is the answer

If you are ever at a loss

Love will pay no matter the cost

Love is forever the answer

And you are loved!


Astoria Nickerson

Shades of life

Live, Love, Breathe

The breath of life

Fill your lungs with the air of Love, breathe,

Draw in Love and expel fear, breathe,

Breathe in this new identity, blow out the past,

Breathe in, and believe your future pain will never last;

Let Love fill your heart,

Let Love give you a brand new start, breathe,

Inhale the air of life, become one with all that is good,



Astoria Nickerson

Live, Love, Breathe

Changed by Love

Do you know that I’m loved?

Loved, that is all perfected upon my conception,

Desirable upon my first given breath, yes…

I am complete by love,

His love completes me,

I am loved with  such power,

Loved by the only one who matters,

Shield by His infinite and unchangeable love,

Freedom, joy, peace, and pursuit in

The blessings from being loved,

A love that defies definition,

One who is unsearchable and complete,

And I’m loved by him, now and forever,

Which changes everything, my thoughts, my gait,

My speech and my sensibilities, Oh, I am so loved;

And nothing or no one can ever change that,

He has found me worthy, beautiful,

 perfected by him now and forever, I am loved,

Amen, I am loved!


Astoria Nickerson

Laugh Today

Laugh today because you are loved

You are the object of virtue, God’s muse

Live, laugh today because it is you he chooses to love

To shower his attention, affection, bounty, and blessings

Laugh, who knew it, that it would be you?

Now, at this time, at this moment,

You are the chosen one;

The one He lives in and lives through,

It is you, my Love; laugh today because you’re loved.


Astoria Nickerson

Laugh today!


On this intense walk of personal growth, I am ever sensitive to needs beyond my own, and today I was reminded of that. Several hours earlier, a call came in from an International scammer who I identified as being from my native country. My initial response was to read him the riot act, but on hearing his voice, I immediately became aware that it was an opportunity to attempt to make a difference in this young man’s life.

In the middle of his pitch, telling me that I was a jackpot winner, I began talking to him in our native language, which placed him immediately at ease to share how hopeless life has become for him. Naturally, I assured him I empathized, but that doesn’t justify his actions, which ultimately will result in his demise. His response to that argument was, life has lost meaning. He has no opportunities, no hope, which has pushed him to resort to robbing unsuspected victims.  On ending our call, I had to pause and count my blessings. I wondered what if the script had flipped and we had switched places? But for the grace of God! The lesson I gained from this exchange is not to be critical of others even in their imperfections; not all who have done bad things are evil. Some have fallen through life’s cracks, and it’s up to us to make a difference in their lives when given the opportunity. Sometimes, all it takes is a word of encouragement, which is less costly than being at the receiving end of someone’s desperation, like that young man’s.

Collectively beautiful!

Love Speaks

Love speaks newness of life in all it has to offer,

 To live again in the newness of love,

Where once was lost, now found, in the goodness of love…

A love that no longer is bound by indifference,

Becomes fully alive and unashamedly engaged

Within the power and presence of the Creator of love,

His name, “Love,” called you from the annals of time

A love so complete, it’s searing and sacred;

One that offers life, laughter, and comfort, assured in his promises for us

This love is endless, immeasurable, and eternal;

He will never let us go, despite life’s challenges that at times say otherwise,

Walk forward into the light of love and love’s righteousness which abounds;

And it requires nothing but your acknowledgment because it is supreme,

Let love live again in all of who are—

And in the newness of love, life’s fulfillment is realized,

Let love  Speaks!


Astoria Nickerson

The most profound power is realized in the quiet moments of time, listen to your heart. Marjorie Delores

What is love?

Love is a covering; it’s a pardon,

Love is a sacred space; it’s a temple of grace,

Love is a fact; it’s undeniable,

Love cannot be manipulated or molded;

It is immeasurable, Love is!

It has always been, Love shall always be,

Everything will expire but love;

Love is the question, and it is the answer,

It beckons to me in secret places,  and it ignites!

It holds me together when I’m about to fall apart,

It stills me when I long to scream;

Love chills me when I’m hot with anger,

And it soothes the wounds of life when they are about to be reopen,

Love is my physician,

 Love is my advocate, Love heals, and it saves,

Love cures life’s wrong and will last throughout time;

Love is the Creator of life and forever our Savior.


Astoria Nickerson

Love Assured

He loves beyond comprehension

It is blessed assurance,

His love takes away the fear,

Knowing he is always near,

The Love of God fortifies; it exemplifies,

It’s supernatural, forever abundant

It’s absolute, this fulfilling Love of God,

It qualifies, it justifies, and it satisfies

This Love of God,

It defies judgment and shirks classification.

  It cannot be contained or simplified,

And this love is where we abides that is his unchangeable love,

This love of God.


Astoria Nickerson

God’s Love

He loved me before I knew I was Love,

Before I knew life, before I knew Earth,

Before I knew pain, He loved me;

I can’t explain who He is, but he loves me.

I don’t fully understand such a love,

 I cannot comprehend his all-ness;

This love of God, but he loves me,

That’s more than enough reason that I’ll be ok;

His Love is something more profound than religion,

This love he has for me,

It’s something unreachable, it’s untouchable,

It’s the glue that holds the fabric of my life,

Knowing that he loves me;

It’s the calm and peace that sweeps over me.

And I am what matters for with him in all the world,

Which for that I’m truly free,

Oh, how he loves me,

God’s Love for me is everything that I have,

Giving me all that I could never give to myself,

And yet, it is the only thing I can truly achieve,

It is to have his unchanging Love through all of life’s seasons.

This Love of God for me.


Astoria Nickerson

For the rest of this month Astoria’s poems will be feature here. She is one of best undiscovered poets, and her work is truly awe-inspiring.

Decisions or Indecisions

In recent years, I’ve had issues with my knees, which have worsened to the point of immobility. I should have addressed the problem with my knees as deemed necessary. However, I resorted to exercising. I thought exercise would take care of the problem, so I exercised, which only worsened my condition. There was too much tension on the joints. As a result, the cartilage is almost completely gone from the knees, which exacerbates my condition.

Last night, listening to Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak from Nigeria, Pastor of the Eternity Network International, he made a profound statement that made me pause to think. He said, “Every indecision is a decision.” Therefore, when one avoids a decision that act already placed in effect, the effects of that indecision. Fast forward to past years; I’ve been having concerns with my knees for many years, but I didn’t want to face what is presently confronting me, ‘knee replacement.’ Most certainly, I could have saved myself the unbearable pain that has become part of my daily life if I had taken a different approach to address it. I share this to highlight the practicality of handling all of life’s issues by making decisions that benefit wellness on this journey we are on, life! As I began preparing for surgery, I used this time to take inventory of life to see if there is anything else I’m indecisive about not doing because some pain is avoidable, starting by making the right decision.

Infused beauty