Soul Expression

This endeavor is a learning experience during an unset of aims of proficiency within the knowledge of subject matters which I brought to bear. Within this period of growth, there will most definitely be hiccups along the way, which are all part of growing. However, time aids through its payoffs in humility. It validates authenticity aa beauty and ignites a passion for life in all its forms through my soul expression. And like a cupid’s bow pierces the heart, or like a fresh gust of wind on a hot summer’s day soothes the spirit, I endeavor to be heard. I know that perception is colored by our life experiences, and other institutional factors that add to the mix further define our approach and response to each other. However, our instinct usually serves us well in the final decision.  

 As to how I see myself,  I enjoy being with people from all walks of life and cultures. Also, I have this unshakable belief that there is a good in everyone, and every heart is capable of love. From that perspective, my writings are influenced by raw emotions, with honesty without pretense. I aimed only to impress my Creator, God. However, one cannot easily forget the truth; therefore, it’s best to stay true to who I am. Here at Soul Expression, I seek to honor life in simplicity with a passion for life. Sharing life through the prisms of my experiences even when it’s uncomfortable. why? In truth, it creates meaning for advancing change. I am not a teacher, just a storyteller and a poet whose respect and passion for life push me into a platform of exchange. I would not have it any other way. I truly believe we mirror each other in bits and pieces of our lives and are more alike than different. And here at  Soul Expression, I can exhale knowing there is someone out there I connect with within the simplicity of sharing!

The Winter Years of life reverberate the rhythm of emotions that once gripped me. Poems that reflect feelings that I once had, and I am sure it is the reality for others. Each poem lived, “Through The Corridors of Time,” another wave of emotions within different circumstances, again echoes the complexity and intensity that life can often measure out to us; however, during those seasons of life, we experience the most growth.

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