Soul Expression

The beginning of an endeavor comes with a learning curve, and it’s during this developmental period, we are most vulnerable. However, it is part of gaining a truer sense and focus with clearer objectives. So it is through trials and errors, I aimed to arrive at a better understanding of my purpose as an added light. I have always taken by the power of words, how they can be arrows piercing the soul or like a fresh gust of air on a  hot summer’s day giving comfort; either way, their impact equally important. Regrettably, being imperfect, as we all are, I don’t always master this positive outcome within all my encounters, but time has taught their differences; and as a result, my heart desires to become the change I’d once spoken of.

Here at SOUL EXPRESSION, I endeavor to becoming that change through meaningful content. However, not necessarily sensational or provocative in scope but rather thoughtful, engaging, uncomplicated, and hopefully awe-inspiring.  I write from raw emotions about matters from situations or encounters that I have experienced, that left an indelible mark on me. Experiences that moved me in a manner that made me paused to exhale or being baffled.
 All my writings are a result of such emotions and now retired with days that make me wonder if I had an encounter with a body snatcher, which makes me want to search for that young woman from yesterday; life has a more profound meaning. It is at this trajectory of life it becomes more apparent how dependent we are on each other, and nothing is promised and the forever is salvation, nothing else. It is the harsh reality , which drives me wanting to add my voice to the larger conversation even if it is only a whisper, someone will eventually hear me or listen.

 The book of poetry, The Winter Years of life, reverberates the rhythm of emotions that once gripped me. Poems reflect feelings that others have had, and I am sure it is the reality for some now. Each poem has been lived; “Through The Corridors of Time,”  another wave of emotions within different circumstances, again echoes the complexity and intensity that life can often measure out to us; however, it’s during those seasons of life we experienced the most growth.