Spiritual Empowerment

The beginning of an endeavor comes with a learning curve. During this developmental period, we are most vulnerable, but it’s all part of the process of gaining a truer sense and focus with a clearer objective of our true intentions. So it is through trials and errors, arriving at a better understanding of one’s purpose serves as a light.

 I have always been taken with the power of words, especially whenever they are effectively used with sincerity and goodwill, advancing positive change. Unfortunately for me, because I am imperfect as we all are, I don’t always master this within all my encounters, but my heart desires are to lessen that imperfection.

Here at SOUL EXPRESSION, I endeavor to do so by having meaningful content to share. They are not necessarily sensational or provocative in scope but rather aimed to be thoughtful, engaging, uncomplicated, and inspiring.  I write from raw emotions about matters taken from situations or encounters that I have experienced that left an indelible mark on me. Experience that moved me in a manner that I paused to wrote them down.

 My books speak to this. The book of poetry, The Winter Years of life, reverberates the rhythm of emotions that once gripped me. Poems reflect feelings that others have had, and I am sure it is the reality for some now. Each poem has been lived; “Through The Corridors of Time,”  another wave of emotions within different circumstances, again echoes the complexity and intensity that life can often measure out to us; however, it’s during those seasons of life we experienced the most growth.  


I found hope in the center of my storm

I had found kindness when all I had was taken away.

I had found faith when the mercies of GOD surrounded me,

I had found you when life’s trials dictated my path

I have found peace, knowing it took almost a lifetime,

Discovering the meaning of life, but I have.

And within the magic and miracles of it all,

In finding you, I can honestly say it was all worth it

I have found the path to personal wellness because of such a journey

In finding you, I found me;

May God’s presence be glorified,


By Marjorie Delores

This poem is my coming of age when life seemed like an accident that had happened to me. However, in a fog of unforeseen circumstances, an awakening thrust me into a place of reasoning, which aroused a sense of purpose. Coming into the light of God’s truth, not only have I surrender my all to him, I celebrate him in the gift of who I’ve become because of Him. This poem is a celebration of my coming of age in the maturity of God’s love—which has always surrounded me. And within the realization of his marvelous truth, I admittedly found purpose and genuinely found me. In seeing me, I gained resilience that evoked the essence of all that truly matters, starting at the core of who I am, and I’m grateful for having seen me through the eyes of my Savior.