Moments In Time

Seated in my Livingroom looking outdoors at this lizard on the pole, it causes me to burst out with laughter, saying out loud, “No dancing there on that pole!”  As I observed and pondered about life in its ever-unfolding beauty and charisma, it’s moments like these that bring it more into focus. Like that lizard minding its own business, I am not even in its peripheral vision; however, I internalized its intentions, placing my twist on its actions for humor. And so often, we like that lizard is observed and misunderstood or judge incorrectly. However, like that lizard, the Creator validates its presence as He does ours. As I pursued insight into the larger scheme of things, I came to realize how interwoven all of life is, and when we look at it keenly, there’s a reflection of how connected it all is. Therefore, it’s not wise to judge the intentions of others when the unpredictability of our actions can only mark by time became my conclusion.

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