He Has The Final Word!

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One benefit of getting to know who God made us begins with accepting who we are as defined by who we know our Creator to be! It’s also being comfortable seeing our imperfections as part of what adds to our uniqueness. It is being unafraid to show vulnerability yet, be confident enough because God is the architect of our lives, assuring we are in his care. Sometimes, showing weaknesses is mistaken as being very flawed. However, those who are aware of the ways of God and have a relationship with him will recognize the depth and enrichment brought about in this place of growth within our weaknesses. It can serve as ushering us into who we were created to be.

The story of the life of Christ as a man on earth, those teachings of His doctrine, challenges, and adversities confronted can be viewed as a road map to living in an imperfect world with equally flawed people. They are simply parts and parcel of what is necessary to thrust us into our best; many moments leave us perplexed and confused, even feel used and abused. Therefore, it is coming to know those truths and looking at Jesus Christ’s life’s journey here, where lies the ultimate example of struggles, betrayal, dishonor, personal attacks followed by being conspired against, and who did all those things to Him? It was people he helped, those he healed and fed, and friends of his. With His portfolio as the son of God, followed by a resume to which no man to date walked on earth can claim similarity? Why should we become so bothered about what people say about us for exhibiting those intrinsic flaws that qualify us being human? Therefore, on recognizing those truths and embracing them, there comes the freedom needed to be one’s self in strength and beauty of who God says we are, and we are still his work in progress, which the Almighty God has not yet perfected! A result for which only He has the final word. Are you a reflection of Him?

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This is a must-read! It is heartfelt and filled with laughter and suspense, also awe-inspiring. Marjorie’s narratives of Rebekah’s odyssey remind us of what is possible through faith in God, and the past doesn’t define or decide our future. Instead, we decided through our perseverance by seeing ourselves through the eyes of God, which is love. This two-part series is a must-read, and its premise is grounded in faith in God; despite life’s pitfalls, we can cultivate who we hope to become, and nothing is impossible for God. This Rebekah found out through coming into her purpose through God’s Grace.


Other Books by Marjorie Delores: The Winter Years of Life & Through The Corridors of Time

The Poetry book is also available on iTunes and Amazom.com. Through the Corridors of time is a collection of short stories that resonate with coming into that place of awakening, leading to a deeper awareness of purpose within becoming healed.

An Affirmation By Time!

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As someone who no longer is a part of what some refer to as the grind or rat race, there are times when I wish I hadn’t placed such stress on my body. Those days were viewed as financial gain with a focus that minimized what’s truly important. There are days now when I look back and become disappointed how I spent those best years of my life committed to what I was taught to believe was most essential? Working hard, committed to serving others even at my own peril. Looking back, quite a few things could have been done differently; for one, not treating myself as a fixture to others because of loving them, and they saw me as such, a fixture! Fortunately, the wonders of life’s lessons assured us that God knows who we truly are, and whatever we do or did from a place of sincerity when it is used against us as a weakness to exploit, those offenders are losers who are usually affirmed with time as such. In time we learn to grow in strength, to find fulfillment, and whatever losses incurred along the way laid the foundation to actualize with depth our better self. And those losses experienced become more like cleaning out of life clutters we held on to, making room for God’s blessings; whatever God gives, the world cannot take away. And God gives the best; he gives nothing off the clearance rack of life, everything sanctified and prepared with the goodness of his love.

One of the things I learned these past four years is the importance of self-love! Yes, it’s important to be good to others, but when being good is harming you, it’s time to let go and let God. And when the pendulum of life shifts off its axis, everything we cling to as a must, we quickly learn new norms; by making adjustments, either willingly or by force, which proves nothing is permanent, change is a constant, and everything changes, even cement. The greatest difference for meaningful change is becoming transformed, starting with the mind. To acknowledge what’s acceptable, proven viable, and lined up in breeding newness with peace and purpose. There arouses an epiphany enlightening us to see past events, mistakes, disappointments, or hurts as they are and let go, which will recede into the background of our lives in time. That renewed energy will rekindle a freshness and a newness that soothes the senses and leaves us exhaling, to have us expressing, “It’s well with my soul; oh, it is well!”

The Rhythm of Life!

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 I sat in my car by the lake adjacent to the main transportation artery soaking in the bustling sounds of life in full motion. Vehicles in the distance were speeding in both directions, while sounds of water splashing from boaters on the lake fired up my senses. Tweeting of birds flying around in search of their needs and this lonely duckling who was only too eager to see me pulled into the lakefront made me feel like a part of the rhythm of life.

My newfound feathery friends were willing to stay close enough not to miss the pieces of cake tossed in their directions from the driver’s window. It was a mutual encounter as we quietly enjoyed our cake, no talking, tweeting, or quacking; we were focused on the feat at hand; enjoying the delicious cake. The duck eagerly gobbles up what ended up in its space while the birds, a bit threatened, stayed at a safe distance picking up their crumbs.

In 2017 due to an injury, I had to stop working, and over the years, I’ve had periods of that sense of being suspended in time, while at other times, it’s laughable. Well, yesterday was of those days. Yes, guys, I tried capturing the moments on my phone, but my feathery friends weren’t in the mood to stand still long enough for my vanity. Yes, they were about to help me eat the piece of cake I brought, but that’s where it ended; there would be no picture taking with them, and they saw to that!

After the duckling, birds, and I finished the cake, we parted company. They left me alone with my thoughts. Watching the duckling wobble away, I couldn’t help but smile. Who knew I would be spending mid-morning during the week feeding birds as part of engaging life? In the past, it would be a work day. However, one of the pay-offs of living in a tropical setting is always so much life buzzing around, and I still have difficulties identifying some of the creatures I come across. Each day can be unpredictable, but my goal is not only to be in the moment but make the moment worthwhile in its simplicity by finding meaning in it. Sometimes, those unplanned moments give us a clear focus on what’s important; what do you think?

Beauty And Strength!

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Beauty with strength are combinations that empower while embracing

the potency of what validates all of life,

Be in awe of who God makes you be,

With rare qualities that not only reveal your capability

but also heighten your impact

Qualities infusing you with an emotional fortitude

that makes you unbreakable; tender, yet strong,

No one can change that formidable force

that assures your strength, making you know who you are…

So much so that no hindrance can block your path,

A vision of His sculptor, fashioned in His Love,

Is the shining beauty of which you are

Yes, my dear, celebrate your uniqueness in the abundance

of your given power within the beauty of your soul;

Be confident, be purposeful in your objectives,

By always believing that you’ll never be alone,

Not only does your Saviour place a watch over you?

His promises for your life are also about to be fulfilled

Watch, beautiful and strong woman,

the unfolding of God’s power in you

His presence of life’s best through you, by knowing

what had come to break you…

Have served to make you the strong woman you are!

Marjorie Delores

Accepting Truth!

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In my insatiable curiosity about all that involves life and living, more so now that I am fast approaching the twilight years. I easily become engaged in discussions to better understand the dynamics which make us who we are, especially as a follower of Christ, based upon having a relationship with him through sound doctrine. Reading the scriptures, one of the centerpieces is: “Loving one’s neighbor as one’s love for self and reverencing God in Love. But unfortunately, at times, those two pivotal teachings get glossed over easily when personal biases overshadow the approach to his teachings. “We should come to him in a spirit and truth,” it is his truth. As mortals, we are limited and flawed beings, and as such, God takes prominence over us. By accepting this as truth, we will see him clearly and recognize in each other similarities and sameness in so many ways. Therefore, within this prism of understanding, honoring God becomes second nature in seeing and embracing truth, and many social upheavals would lessen. However, it would be unrealistic to believe that simply accepting parts of God’s truth is a holistic fix-all for all that ails man. From the onset of life as we know it, man is flawed; however, the magnitude of what we have evolved into has placed us all in peril, and if we could only see beyond ourselves. And that God intended for us to see our neighbors as God sees us; there is sameness in how he views all. Our neighbors go beyond someone who shares geographical location; it means people within this sphere, the whole world, and also having reverence in approaching him in his truth. These two basic ideas can become a start to healing some of what ails us.

The Value Of Family?

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The value of family? Or rather, maybe I should ask, what constitutes family beyond Webster’s dictionary definition? Isn’t it more than a social group of people sharing the same ancestors, language, some social norms, and living together? Over the years, that definition has evolved beyond the generic definition, which it should as we change our approach and perception within a climate of constant change. There is a metamorphosis within norms to adapt to facilitating change, but what does that change do? How does it affect us on a grander scale? The family has changed as we once knew it to be. One aspect of the family that has come under scrutiny is a central piece of what a family should be, and it is loyalty. Loyalty is paramount to the cohesive flow within the framework of this group; it lays the foundation for other essential aspects, such as sincere care for each other. It’s understood family takes care of family! The general belief is that this core group is the backbone of society. It’s the family that sets the stage for what kind of society we have. Therefore, if those primary qualities that ensure security, care, and value are adversely altered, unfortunately, they filter over into the community at large, and the backbone of society, the family, has unwittingly changed its quality to unpredictability sometimes chaos. These past thirty years or more, the evolution of family has drastically changed to the point of difficulty at times to have a specific framework of reference. This change unintentionally jeopardized this vital group even more by having this contractual approach by some family members, which changed the whole concept of what a family should be. There is a mentality of what have you done for me lately? It almost amounts to an unflattering approach not easily labeled without causing an offense. This trend is dangerous and can initiate adverse results with side effects that changes who we are on a larger scale as a society. Therefore, the wholesomeness of a family’s heart and soul is paramount to our positive growth, which goes back to how we treat each other within the group.

There Are Limits To Everything!

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There are limits to everything in this complex world. Within its hypnotic beauty, enchantment, and yet complexities, individually, we engaged on a multi-dimensional level to obtain our objectives daily, whatever those may be. Boundaries, laws, or doctrines are interchangeable indicators that guide us within this maze of circumstances between God, nature, and man. We used our objectives as a road map to quantitatively qualify to live the way we want or aspire to live. However, in this time of what amounts to emotional upheavals coming at us from different angles, it takes extraordinary courage to hold it together without buckling beneath such pressures. Especially if you are alone, lacking mental stimulation, or disengaged from the daily rudiments of life as we know it, caused several issues including COVID19 and now Monkey Pox. What are we to do? How can we cope effectively without support systems in place?

COVID’s ever-mutating viruses, and now Monkey Pox, combined with other illnesses that have been with us, can be overwhelming. Plus, our emotional state is tested even more by those ingrained social biases or social disorders depending on where we fall in the scheme of things. How can those who fall into these categories not develop some form of psychosis? Everyone has a threshold, and like an elastic band that stretches, it eventually will wear thin, and so will we. There is a limit to everything. Therefore, we should hope in this hypersensitive and unreasonable state of exchange that the basic essence of who and what we are as humans won’t become obsolete, where only the strong survive as the weak perish. Instead, there’ll be an awakening in the moral and social platforms conducive to shifting the paradigm, to rekindle a civil consciousness, where we’ll have a vested interest in maintaining a balance that validates us as intelligent species with a common destiny.

Be informed, become transformed, and become the difference!

Brief Paused


Family and friends, I will be taking a brief pause from here. As I keep you and your families in my prayers, I trust you’ll do the same for me. So, until I return, I will leave you with this repost, Love Sees.

Love Sees

Love sees the perfection in you

Sweetheart, my sugarplum,

You are a special one

From your crown to your tippy toes,

 Love, knows you are perfection

No mirror is needed to show what I’ve already known,

You are lovely, dear one, my Love,

And you are excellent too

“Don’t you know, can’t you see?”

You are a living testimony of what Love is,

Honey, oh honey, you mean

 so much today, as always,

“You are fearfully and

wonderfully made,” flawless,

Lips cannot describe your inexplicable, undeniable, marvelous beauty,

Indeed you are perfect walk in it,

Grow in it, Live in it, breathe it in,

Bask in it, reach it, and touch it,

Share it, speak it, seek it, and know it,

Be it, find it, and hold it,

Love sees perfection in you!

Honey, you are loved.


Astoria Nickerson