Unconditional and Unwavering Love

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Romans 13:11-13 highlights Kairos’ as a time that calls for action, conversion, and transformation.

Wow, how powerful? Internalizing the profound intensity of such a moment is a reason for acknowledging the one that causes us to be God! As spiritual beings having physical experiences, we are ever-evolving in search of the centrality of who we are, why we are, and how best to navigate life’s pathways? As an extension of those through whom we traveled here to this moment, our parents, there is an expectation we have of them. Their pivotal roles should speak to us more than anyone else, but what does one do when as parents, they are ill-equipped to give us what we yearned for, which is love? Where does that leave us, and what if they don’t know what love is? Sometimes it’s not their fault! Here our search takes immediacy to attain what the heart wants and where better to look than to the Creator, God Almighty. Our ancient of all time, who initiated all energy sources, and life, is where lies our answer. Yes, conversion and transformation through Him create the catalyst toward self-love, realizing how much we are loved by him. This epiphany usually initiates a Kairos moment in the awesomeness of God’s love for us, unmatched by any mortal being in its power and purity. Realizing his unconditional and unwavering love fills our void, and all else becomes less important. Here we are truly transformed as our presence serves to be a part of a life-changing difference on a grander scale by God’s unconditional and unwavering love!

Coming Soon, Book Two!

Last December, I was certain that this second book would have been already available, but thank God I continue to engage with life despite setbacks. When I look at all the losses with loved ones dying, I find gratitude even within my disappointments. Things tend to unfold in line with God’s master plan. Therefore, without anxiety, I make adjustments as needed and remain thankful. I will be sharing excerpts from the book in the coming weeks, which hopefully will become published before the middle of June 2022. I am sorry, not to be more specific, but with several moving parts in this effort, all it takes is one of those parts to fall out of sync, and there I go. My primary objective is to have something I can be proud of sharing. To those who purchased book one, thanks for your patience, and if you contact me, I will most definitely give you a discount you will be pleased with. Thanks for your support and patience!

Excerpts are taken from chapter three in  “The Coming of Grace, book two.”

Rebekah heard the frustration in her mother’s voice but still thought she was being too hard on Kaleb and ignoring her pain by being so vocal, although all she said was valid. Rebekah, with a measured approach, remarked,

“Mama, it’s interesting you should say that. One of my girlfriends had made the same statement a few months ago. Beverly’s exact words were, ‘you’re painting a picture of Kaleb as a Saint,’ and she had warned me that it was dangerous and would backfire. She thought he would hurt me, and sure enough, he has.”

“Rebekah, you have a habit of valuing others more than how you value yourself, and people use your weaknesses against you. For example, you believe in love and goodness, but most aren’t good or even know what love is.”

At this point, Rebekah began sobbing silently, grateful her mother was on the phone and she could not see her tears. “Rebekah, maybe it isn’t your time yet for love.” […]

Formula Shortage

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The chronic shortage of baby formula is one of the scariest experiences for any mother and even worse for a nonlactating mother, which I had experienced. This shortage of baby formula on such a grand scale shows how unpredictable the food chain can be. On learning of this baby formula shortage, it took me back to when I had my daughter on the island of Jamaica.  During her birth, the island was going through one of its most difficult economic crises. As a result, everything was in short supply. I had to stand in line hoping to purchase even a can of baby formula as a twenty-year-old with a newborn, and none was to be had.

I knew panicking wasn’t going to help. Therefore, nervously, I looked into my pantry to figure out how to ensure my baby didn’t go hungry. At that time, fresh cow’s milk was delivered to me daily, unpasteurized. Not knowing the risk of giving unpasteurized milk to a baby, I blended a few tablespoons of Oatmeal with a little barley, cooked the blend with the milk, then put it through a sieve. I made sure the homemade formula consistency was thin enough to easily flow through her bottles. When she reached about six months, I introduced fresh fruits and vegetable purees into her diet that was put through heat by stewing the fruits and vegetables. I am not suggesting anyone do as I did; I am only sharing the drastic measures I took to ensure my baby was fed, which came from desperation. We mothers will do what needs to be done to provide the best for our offspring.

In this present situation of the unavailability of baby formulas, I can identify with you, mothers. I pray this formula shortage will be quickly resolved. However, for those breastfeeding mothers, stay hydrated and give the babies as much breast milk as possible. Breastfeeding is also a good form of bonding with your baby. I recall I felt guilty about being unable to do so. It was not my choice not to breastfeed my baby, but rather by design, I could not. (smile.) But, if you can do so, which all mothers aren’t able to, enjoy those moments of nurture with the baby. However, it’s encouraging that the manufacturers working hard to resolve the storage. We, mothers, are resourceful and usually find a way to secure the well-being of our children.

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Found Wanting?

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In times of upheavals and uncertainty, we seek a deeper understanding of our place and role in life through our faith in God. Being driven by one’s belief can be quite effective and center-based when firm principles through revelation create transformation. Yes, being centered by having something or someone to believe in adds calm and assurance that arouses inner peace. A peace with resolve, even in a storm, knowing we are never alone, and we’ll be alright whichever way things go. I’ll personalize my point through insight into my faith walk with God.

I vividly recall, as a child, being taken to churches on the island where I was born. I witnessed women praying as if they expected the heavens to open or there would be a theophany– which is it was if they expected  God to crack the sky and appear on their behalf. Their devotion and reverence for God struck me at an early age. I witnessed the manifestation of their achievements in the face of challenging odds on the island. As my life unfolded in its unpredictability and challenges throughout the years, I recalled what I saw among these women. I would have been foolish not to adhere to the teachings passed on to me; I saw how empowered and enriched their lives were in their uncompromising faith in God. Many of the faces are faded memories, and their physicalities are only faint images, erased with time. However, I vividly remember what they did and what unfolded in their lives due to their belief in God.

Reflecting on those yesterdays and seeing how they influenced my life today, it is apparent how important it is for children to be exposed to positive situations and people because those earlier memories stay with us. As we get older, our long-term memory tends to become more intense, and the short-term memory seems to become exactly that, short-term! Those events of the early years help shape who we are and what we become. However, our collective experiences differ because we started out in different places, but people of faith have similar desires in their expectancy. In a nutshell, none of us wants to come up short or be found wanting with whom we believe, which is God.

Replenish, Relax, Enjoy!

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The outcome of our objectives usually serves us best when placed in order of importance while taking the time to feed the spirit by replenishing it. Each day we approach life with uncertainty; however, we still make plans for future goals. Within the framework of life, we learn adaptability and worth, which gives value to who we are… as we are inspired to soar. Each day is special; it’s what we’ve got; our yesterday is history, and tomorrow is an unfulfilled promise. 

Therefore, here we are, you and I, in the ever-unfolding rhythm of time. One that moves our objectives to whatever warrants or strikes us as being of importance. We thrive to achieve them based on perceptions while aiming to fulfill our dreams, those of whatever we deem them to be. They speak to us in a manner that resonates with fulfillment, advancing one’s aim. What I’ve learned about being absent from a lifestyle I once led is the importance of replenishing, relaxing, and enjoying life, even if it means doing so in increments of an hour or two. It adds quality and substance to the daily grind within routines. It is important to enjoy life’s journey and do so while we are fulfilling daily goals because tomorrow isn’t a guarantee; it’s simply a promise. Therefore, we should capture the moments to replenish through relaxation, even if it’s only an hour or two. Try it; you’ll notice the difference and be grateful you did.


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M  moment by moment, you’d wipe my tears away, and the warmth of your touch filled me with such joy; you made me believe you would have given me your all, and mother, you did.

O, with arms wide open each time I’m home, you always greeted me eagerly; although I am now an adult, you still see me as your little child, even though I’d caused you much anxiety; nevertheless, I am your dearest, sweetest child that’s a mother’s love.

T time may have dimmed your sight and weakened your stance, but for me, mother, you’ll always be that tower of strength, the one who sees into time; yes, mom, you are my treasure, my trophy gifted by God.

H home, you made it my haven, a place to thrive, knowing that I can be all I aimed to be with you by my side; mother, you set that tone, and you made home a place of harmony and love.

E ever-present, you always showed up for me, school plays, recitals, whatever my heart desired; you were only too eager to ensure those wishes were fulfilled and those dreams within reach.

R the rarity of who you are, mother, on this your day, simply saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day “ seems not enough, but this much I will say, mom, honoring you goes beyond a day. It’s a lifetime commitment! I will be there for you, mom, whenever you need me. I value you and promise; that the best of you that was poured into me will always ensure you are a happy mother.


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I am a complainer at times, which I am sure most of you can identify. We can easily become displeased, at which point we’ll make those feelings known, and it is a release to air your feelings, which I did yesterday. Food shopping does that to me these days, but thank God for his handbook (the Bible). I usually resort to reading it more, which brings me calm. So I read my Bible, and this time was led to Matthew chapter 6, verses 28th to 31; these verses jumped out at me. They are taken from the NIV Bible: “And why ye take thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin; (29) And yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not array-like one of these. (30) Wherefore if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, o ye of little faith?

On reading those verses and others, my mood immediately changed to become appreciative of my many blessings. It is so easy to forget where life has brought us from, and in that place of desires for more and better than what we previously had, arose a sense of entitlement and having things our way? But, of course, it is not one’s main intention to overlook the many blessings avail us and forget the journey that brought us to this point. Yes, I was shocked and somewhat annoyed at the food price, but there was a time on my native island I had money but couldn’t find the food items I needed to purchase.

As a young mother with my newborn child, I recalled that there wasn’t any baby formula to be had on the island. I became creative feeding my child because I wasn’t producing milk, and I had to ensure that she got what she needed nutritionally. Looking back at where I once was and now purchasing what I wanted, yet complaining about the high prices, I am grateful for the handbook for living. It brought me back to reality. Back then, in the natives’ frustration, they asked the government, “What do you want us to do, wash the money and drink the water?” In their inability to get food items. My initial response, despite its seriousness, was laughter; it wasn’t because it was funny, but sometimes one has to laugh to ward off crying out of that sense of helplessness. It was their way of making light of the severity of the food problem. And here I am, bellyaching about getting want I want, just having to pay more. I guess I am still a work in progress!

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Words Are Powerful!

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John chapter 1:1 of the NIV Bible states, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. How powerful is this?! Life and living are grounded in Words, and to move from the spiritual realm to the secular, words have meanings in whatever state we are in, believers of faith or not. However, the power of words can also be sharper than a sword. They can cut beyond the flesh or bones and deep into the soul. I am ashamed that there was a time when my weapon of choice in an argument was words that offended. I was never one to use expletives, but I could wound a person with what some call fighting words. Today, older and wiser, I sought forgiveness through apologies from those I may have deeply offended. Some have forgiven me, while others chose not to. Today, I walk away from arguments because it isn’t worth it!

I am sharing this to say, words have a lasting effect, and in the heat of an argument, we may use words to inflict hurt as a means of immediate gratification, believing we won that fight. However, we often say what we do not mean, and the damage caused can be irreversible and unrepairable. Some of us have emotional battle scars, and those are the worse to inflict more hurt on through unkind words. Especially in an argument with those that are a part of our lives, we should be mindful that after the quarrel dies down, they are still a part of our history and maybe our future depending on our stance or approach to that conflict. Also, for those we view as non-entities in our lives, it’s equally as important not to cause pain through our words because we have no idea who we are fighting with or their life experiences. We don’t want to be responsible for another mass shooter bearing old malice. Life today is a challenge for many people; we have to remind ourselves of this. Remember, our words are our power, and we can use them effectively or destructively. It’s our call.

A Day of Prayer!

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Knowing the power of prayer with gratitude on this National Day of prayer, I add my voice!

Psalms 24: I NIV “The earth’s is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and all they that dwell therein.”

Isaiah 41: 10 NIV “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for

I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of


May God bless our nation, and may we see beyond our differences while recognizing sameness within our common goals. As we forge ahead to create a better union and help each other, may we continue assisting others elsewhere without the freedom to decide their path in life because it’s already been decided for them? We pray for our brave men and women here and abroad to be protected and provided for, and may the hands of God continue to shield us all. Amen

Love, Love, Love!

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Love, love, love, oh such bliss, beauty, and wonders of being created by love. The Greeks gave us four types of love, Agape, Storge, Philia, and Eros. Life is dimensional, and why not love too? Within that intensity of our emotions, we arrive at the total sum of who we are and hope to be, and love is a pivotal part of our very presence, which exudes joy and happiness.

There is Agape Love, unconditional, what some refer to as the Godlike love. A love that weathers every challenging experience in the human conditions, that devotion that stood the test of time, ever-present and unchangeable. This love is what every heart hopes for, but just some can stake claim to be a benefactor of this love on the human level; however, God loves us all.

Storge love: the love of a parent, having empathy being able to form a bond that leads to being that difference. Unfortunately, this love becomes wanting with some parents and their offspring’s relationship, and storge love becomes weakened here. It shouldn’t be, but the reality is that it is for some. Also, some gave birth, but that’s where it starts and ends; there is no love there. However, for those committed parents, storge love is real and lasting, and thank God for you!.

There is Philia love, love of friends and equals, which advances and strengthens the fabric of who we are. I would like to believe that everyone has at least one friend. I perceived friendship as a selective relationship that adds a quality and arousing exchanges that often serve us well. Also, acquaintance brings a level of worth that often allow us an appreciation, which can be rewarding.

Eros, love, erotic, and passionate is the love that countless men and women longed for and strive to attain at some point in their lives; yet, this love can be elusive and can stand the test of time if successfully reached. Some have experienced all these kinds of love; while it is still a quest for others, the importance is to be the one who is willing to embody what love should be in the giving of what is hoped for.