Marjorie Delores.

On this journey within what seems to be a maze of circumstances, it’s important to be centered. I found my center within my faith and belief in God. At this focal point of life, I endeavored to navigate obstacle courses with reason and purpose, fostering personal growth. Within this process, the depth of my strength becomes renewed, creating a sense of striving towards a goal that honors life and living. At this juncture, it’s less about me and more about adding a footprint that will help those coming from behind to see the importance of having a collective input in the larger things of life. By recognizing such to be the continuation of this vast and beautiful experience, we know as life, the meaning of life will be fully realized with fulfillment.

I believe in being my authentic self; I am at peace facing the woman in the mirror each day with a smile. It’s this authenticity that allows me to place my life’s truth, some of which are uncomfortable, in this public space as a tool, to see how easily the pendulum of life shifts, and any one of us can easily be thrown off its balance. I pray that somewhere within these poems and stories, my objective is achieved by giving voice to those like me, and it’s only then—the difference realized goes beyond that of my own.

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