Marjorie Delores.

I found my center through my faith and belief in God. And at this focal point of my life, I endeavored to navigate obstacle courses with reason and purpose by fostering personal growth. Within this process, my strength is renewed, creating a desire to strive towards goals that honor life and living. At this juncture, it’s less about me and more about adding a footprint that will help those coming from behind to see the importance of a collective will continue in the effort of the larger scheme of things. As a poet and author, I am always wondering about my place and role in the broader scheme of things. As a woman of faith in God, I believe in my role as one of service. To serve God first, then in an order that honors. I love to write, meet people, travel, watch things grow, and become involved with others who are marginalized. There is such satisfaction from making a difference and not doing so for adulation but because it is the right thing to do. I don’t get enticed by trends or am a people-pleaser; I must feel inner peace by my actions.

I am at peace in my authenticity, facing the woman in the mirror each day with a smile. This authenticity allows me to face life’s truth, which can sometimes be uneasy in a public space. However, I navigate the tide of the shifting currents of life, and I am grateful not to become thrown off balance. I pray that my objective gives voice to those like me somewhere through shared poems and stories, and it’s only then that the difference will be realized.

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