Marjorie Delores

I found peace in my authenticity, facing the woman in the mirror each day with a smile. I am grateful for whatever blessings I receive from my Creator, God. I pray my objective gives voice to those like me through shared poems and stories. I found my center within my faith and belief in God, and it’s at this focal point of my life that I endeavored to navigate obstacle courses with purpose. At this juncture, unafraid of the unknown, I strive toward goals that honor life and living. Therefore, I am unphased by the probabilities while embracing the possibilities to become the difference I’ve hoped to see. In my role, someone who validates purpose as a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and friend is an all-important role to be honored. More importantly, serving God honors all of life. I love to write, meet people, travel, watch things grow, and be engaged with others who are marginalized. There is such satisfaction in making a difference and not doing so from a place of seeking adulation but doing so because it is the right thing to do. I don’t become easily enticed by trends, a need to feel inner peace through my actions takes precedence over the trappings of life. so I strive always to be able to look the woman in the mirror with peace and admiration, knowing she has done what’s right.

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