Forgiveness Heals!

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Forgiveness is the action or process of forgiving or being given. This process, for some of us, can be difficult. Ephesians 4: 32. Tells us, “Be ye kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, even as God for Christ hath forgiven you!” This Bible passage is one of several Bible passages that speak on forgiveness. However, in reality, this isn’t easy; when people inflict emotional wounds that shake you to the core, it isn’t easy, but it should become less about them and more about becoming whole. As such, the objective is to heal, progress, and prosper as intended by our Creator.

However, what do we do… when we forgive repeatedly, and offenses continue that are even worse than the previous ones? What do you do? It is expected of us to forgive, but using common sense, we should learn to love from a distance. As children of light and love, there shouldn’t be hatred for another; we can be disappointed and disapproved of them, but we must honor ourselves as beings of love. The power of forgiveness lies with the victim rather than the offender! How so? Letting the love of God in helps to release all the hurt and negative energy bottled up inside, which robs us of living our lives to the fullest. In so doing, it’s liberating and opens us to bigger and better experiences, and as a result, we can have joy and a richness of life.

Look at it this way, by holding on to the offenses that were done, we have allowed ourselves to be prisoners of others! Peace and anger cannot co-exist in the same place, and we want peace! Harboring one excludes the other; as a product of God’s love, which we all are, it’s an injustice to allow unforgiveness to rob us of being whole. The worst unforgiveness is holding on to negative feelings towards others who don’t even remember what they did and are going about their lives without a thought of their victims. Why give another like that power by giving them space in our heads? We have given them the ultimate control through unforgiveness, and no one deserves such power over another! So, please, let us forgive not for the offender’s benefit but for us to be free and emotionally well because forgiveness heals, and it’s hard to receive what’s needed when the space is occupied by yesterday’s hurts. So, love, laugh, live and let the light of life shines through; forgive! Peace!

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