There Is No Excuse!

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Childhood should be the best time of one’s life and, as such, protected, provided for, and nurtured. However, in the real world, this depends on geographical location, culture, economics, and other ingrained issues that have plaques humanity since the beginning of time. For those who feel strongly about the well-being of children, there are no excuses not to address those needs whenever or wherever they arise, which goes beyond our immediate households or surroundings.

The most painful experience is seeing adults exploit and harm children, the worst of which is when their caregivers do it. How could parents, relatives, neighbors, and others be so depraved as to inflict harm and destroy the innocent lives of children? Don’t they realize these children grow up to be adults? Then what? I’ve heard it said there are no blueprints for rearing children successfully. There is a level of truth to that. However, some basic human goodness doesn’t require instructions. It requires common decency, a value of life, and the good sense of knowing the child abused today could become the one that will be a world changer and be instrumental to improving the lives of their abusers.

I visit this issue as one with firsthand knowledge of people now aged and in poor health, and the children they abused and discarded are successful adults today. It is a tragedy to destroy one’s future by discarding the gifts of lives given by God, fragile lives that years later would replace what those earlier years had denied. In observation, credence is given to the saying “Children are the future” for some poor people; it takes on a more profound meaning; the children are their future.

All children should be protected, valued, and allowed to thrive. Every child should be seen as tomorrow’s world changer; once we keep that at the forefront of our minds, the chance of indulging in adverse behavior toward a child will be reconsidered. Those effects might affect the abusers the most; unfortunately, those golden years will not be so golden then. So save our children and ensure a better tomorrow for us! There is no excuse for not doing what is right and profitable for all; saving children is saving oneself! Peace!

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