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Words are a single element of speech or writing used to express or form sentences. In the Bible, John chapter 1: 1 tells us, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. (2) The same was in the beginning with God” Verses 3, and 4 further qualified the power and presence of God in His Word: (3) He made all things; and without Him was nothing made that is made. (4) In Him was life; and the life was light of men.” From a layperson’s perspective, one who is a believer, which I am. I take a thoughtful approach to the power and meaning of words, even more so as I have entered a time of wanting to get life right in the second half of my life, which is where I am now.

Overall, the impact of the power of Words has shaped and advanced our societies moving us into realities we thought once were never possible. Today, we live longer and have accessed social platforms to express our thoughts on a scale like never before. Yet, the school is out on how better we are to each other in light of these advancements? Countless positives are around us, but unfortunately, the negatives overshadow those positives. However, we are still in control of deciding where we all end up as a whole, dictated by our interactions. Understanding and accepting each other despite our differences within our exchange can advance the value of life, giving light to us as a people, and our possibilities are endless. However, we are in the control seat of influence by our Words chosen, which drive everything we do! On another front, within our communications, there will be disagreements.

It is easy to say or write what we think without much consideration of their impact or outcome on others, especially when we are angry at them. During those moments of anger, words are commonly used, like missiles’ to cause maximum hurt. This occurrence is quite common among the ill-informed, socially maladjusted, or arrogant with a disregard for the feelings of others. I once fell into one or two of those categories. However, going back to the beginning and knowing that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God, who is light and life, my view and approach to using my words today takes on a whole new meaning. It is difficult to function from a place aligned with God in meanness or having a destructive spirit. In light of the realities of life and the accountability expected of us at some point in time, I do not see any other option but to use Words with kindness. To disregard the outcome of such behavior by self-indulging, irrespective of those who get harmed, cannot be good and nothing happens in a vacuum because it usually comes back at us with time. Therefore, temporary gratifications aren’t worth the payoff of being in endless miseries highlighted and explained through scriptures. What are your views on the power of words from the viewpoint of the scriptures? Peace! Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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