Securing Tomorrow!

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To fully grasp life as a whole sometimes means lessening the control we seek to exert over what we are limited to. Why? The real power is beyond us and should be seen for where it lies: with God! So, the acceptance of this truth is not only humbling, but it can be empowering.

We might ask ourselves during our frustration, what is life? Presenting this question to different people will not yield the same answers. However, the common theme is unanimous in our approach. Life is precious, it has meaning, and we are the center of life! Observing the daily occurrences can leave us feeling helpless and can be daunting. However, we cannot lose sight of the bigger picture and the power that causes us to be God in His infinite powers! He empowered us with all we needed to make life fulfilling, but the fall of early man “Adam” saddled us with issues that seemed to worsen over time. However, by staying engaged and aware of the daily changes around us, we cannot but seek ways to stem the tide of such changes that seem aimed to devalue and deplete us if we are not careful. We should remember that God gave us dominion over everything in His universe. Therefore, it is not the time to panic, submit, or suppress the reality that faces us, which needs to be reversed.

In recent hours we got another stark reminder of where we are by a six-year child shooting of a school teacher. This shooting is alarming and yet sobering. It should be unthinkable that this could happen, yet it would be naive not to in this climate which has become the new norm. To fully grasp life, one must embrace all of it, its beauty and its pain. The collapse of Damar Hamlin, an American football player whose heart stopped, recently pulled people from all walks of life into collective prayers for his recovery. Here lies a reminder of the good in us and the capacity to rise to the occasion for the good of what we aimed for. Today, Mr. Hamlin has recovered and exhibited signs of total recovery. This shows that whatever goal we set our minds to, we can do and the outcome we sought becomes realized! Unfortunately, it appears on another front, indifference, and apathy easily set up roadblocks preventing what is obvious, a collective power to change things that threatens us.

Changing things goes beyond familiarity, favorites, families, friends, or acquaintances; it is about preserving lives, yours and mine. Nothing stays in a vacuum, and eventually, it will be upon us. If someone had told me years earlier that my brother would be murdered, I would not have believed it. After his murder, I was almost kidnapped in the streets of New York City and was later attacked again on my way to work. None of us is immune from the harsh reality that confronts us, but we must stay engaged through conversations, even when they are uncomfortable. We can agree to disagree respectfully. However, we cannot lose sight of the power in securing tomorrow for our loved ones; if not for ourselves, meaningful change lies with what we do or don’t do now; because either way, we’ve made a decision! Peace!

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