A Makeover From The Inside Out!

At times, the prism through which we see others at their place of weakness is approached with sarcasm or intolerance. Yet, we forget we are wired as humans with defects to make mistakes. Based on our backgrounds, such as family traits and a host of conditions to which we are predisposed, it’s through those lenses we exhibit, decide, and carry out choices considered to be the best at the time. Only to later realize we made a mistake.

The advancement of technology has allowed us to interact almost at the speed of light through an array of communicative devices available at our fingertips. However, the chasm between us has never been wider, and raising the bar for the perfection of others when we are not is one of our biggest mistakes. Sadly, the threshold of sensitivity has become vainly thin and tolerance muted. Therefore, it has become so easy to highlight the negativities of others while engaging in the same ourselves, and no one knows but God, which is hardly a consideration or concern for us. Why? We know God is forgiving, and He knows we are imperfect.

I also am guilty of such hypocrisy, but through reading the word of God and making it become a part of my daily diet, yes, diet, food for the soul, I’ve evolved into a kinder, more patient, and more accepting of the weaknesses of others. The transformation is through spiritual growth, which is quite empowering! Creating a change in not only my demeanor but also my appearance. What’s now on the inside shows on the outside. This personal journey through God’s words is the best gift that can be given or obtained. I highly recommend it! This evolution’s best part is accepting, forgiving, and caring for others without misgivings or expectations. When we arrive at this place, disappointment will become a thing of the past. God’s promises are unbroken, and He gives only the best! So this is a good time, at the beginning of the year, to embark upon a makeover from the inside out. Peace!

Have a safe and blessed weekend!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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