Looking Beyond The Superficial!

Photo by Mat Kedzia on Pexels.com

Have you had days when you became conflicted about life and where we are as a people?! We know many good people are around us, but our social maladies too often overshadow their goodness or minimize their input. Unfortunately, the culture of bad is good and good is bad today causes confusion. So much so that if one isn’t careful,  we could easily become cynical and judgmental, eventually becoming what we dislike. However, being focused, enlightened, empowered, and rejuvenated through the word of truth and guidance found in the scriptures provides the balance needed to have clarity with direction. A daily dose of the reality of the truth of God can be significant in one’s outlook and approach to living, especially now! It is obvious that even to those who are blind, there is a radical shift in the world as we know it. In light of that reality, it’s not a time to disengage, but rather, be informed and purposeful in whatever we do.

It’s a time to look beyond the superficial and the temporary and acknowledge our strengths and frailties! A time to embrace and celebrate the ultimate power that spins everything into motion in this universe, God! Therefore, accept what is undeniable by the proof that confronts us, starting with us as an extension of God in His love. Thus, acceptance opens the door to a deeper understanding. An understanding that gives clarity and eliminates anxiety and fear. Those two imposters, anxiety and fear, which cause most of the problems the world experience, are in our control in our response. The battle isn’t ours to fight; God will resolve issues in due season. Sadly, some of these are irreversible and cannot be ignored, but knowing our place and role in the schemes of things can make it easier to deal with them.

We have the opportunities and power to ensure our tomorrow won’t be threatened by the remnants of today’s difficulties. So, with a fresh start, which this new year gives you and me, glory to God, we start wherever we are by creating what we hope! And yes, yesterday provided us a blueprint of what not to do, and with our determination and flexibility, we are on our way to a brighter day. Peace!!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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