A Time Of Appreciation!

We have made it to another year, and thanks be to our Creator. It’s a time of appreciation and motivation to go forth confidently, knowing we made it, and it is a testament to our resilience and strength. So many have lost their way and lives this past year, which is sad. But, as an extension of all of life, their lives too, may we rise to fulfilled broken promises, rekindle dreams, and prove that we are each other’s keepers.

Therefore, from a place of love, a love of life that includes everyone, let us be reminded that the best gift doesn’t have price tags or go on display for all to see. It is found and delivered when no one expected it and comes from the heart. So, after spending and unwrapping inanimate objects, let us not fall short of giving of our time, speaking life and light into the lives of others. On this second day of 2023, we have a fresh start, and it’s the first day of the rest of our lives. Last year is history, and it’s been some story for some of us.

However, one obvious thing it the unpredictabilities of our time should be a catalyst to seeing we are an extension of each other human conditions, to which all are subject. By grace, we’ve escaped what has occurred to so many others, which had been destructive. Therefore, as overcomers and recipients of grace, God’s grace, we’ll rise to ensure the well-being and continuance of the whole of which you and I are; with this said, not only stay in the light but also be the light and allow its warmth to serve and foster clarity with goodwill for all! Happy New Year, and blessings throughout the year! Peace!

I wish you health, prosperity, love, longevity, and God’s assurance of a life lived and filled with his goodness.

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