The Dream Continues!

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After what seemed like a lifetime now, at twenty-three, I embarked upon a path toward my dreams of a life other than the one I knew. Becoming a statistic or having my life imploding in the confines of a past imposed at birth wasn’t an option. Instead, the reality surrounding me was enough to fire up a passion for changing that dismal outcome. So, as a mother of a two years child, my priority and motivator to create a life for us beyond those volatile yesterdays was a catalyst towards changing that outcome. Therefore, in what was termed a suicide mission by my friends on my departure, I left my Island for Metropolitan (New York City) with a quarter as the only money to my name, into the unknown.

In retrospect, decades later, seated in the comfort of my home today, it’s been quite a journey. The dream isn’t fully realized, but the growth has been extraordinary, and being grateful keeps me humble. For millions of others across the spectrum of life who have traveled similar paths as I have and risen above those yesterday, this time of our lives has a special meaning. It goes beyond the process of simply getting to where we are today. It is the awakening in knowing we made it, are stronger and better, and have found resolved through our faith, perseverance, and belief in the possibilities as we grasp opportunities whenever they present themselves along the way, which helps solidify our today.

We may be like gentle whispers often unheard in the noisy exchanges in the marketplace of life, but our voices still linger. At the same time, our footprints become etched into our roles as mothers, daughters, friends, etc., and countless functions serve committed, patiently, and love beyond reason. Time chronicles all, and time has a way of reminding and amplifying what it considers valuable and worthwhile. Therefore, my friends, especially those who identified with my beginning, entering this new season of fresh possibilities. Remember, the passion that led us here will guide us toward our goalpost, whatever those may be. So let us celebrate life, our greatest gift, and may God continue to favor us in entering this new year with fresh possibilities that await. Peace!


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