We Will Prosper!

Photo by Carol Vu00e1zquez on Pexels.com

Family and friends, we are almost at the end of another year; and for some of us, it has been one that not only reshaped us but also has forever altered our lives. So much has taken place these recent years! The constant changes have touched almost every one of us somehow. It sometimes makes us feel like being sucked into a cyclone and are at the mercy of its outcomes. We obtain breaks to exhale and reassess at brief intervals, only to be pulled into what amounts to “A Time Release” of circumstance predestined, of which we are subjects. Yet, despite this predetermined flaw in our makeup being limited in scope, we are wonderfully and beautifully empowered and are not made to break but in the image and the likeness of a Sovereign God. A God who gave us power, and it is within His given power we rouse and continue to rise to the fullness of our lives. Therefore, we will triumph over obstacles, we will prosper, we will find joy, and we will have peace. So, as the New Year approaches, let’s celebrate even amid difficulties; they won’t last, and God favors us. So, stay focused, stay engaged, knowing you are because He is! I wish you and your loved ones a fulfilled New Year! Peace!

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