Find Peace!

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In less than two weeks, we’ll be celebrating the New Year, 2023, and for some of us, it will be a time of coming into our blessings that will leave us speechless. Whatever unfolds in our lives, may it be losses suffered, ill health, disappointments, set-ups, or setbacks, at this point, it’s about finding peace in whatever state we are in to nourish our spirit. Therefore, we learn to accept what we cannot control because it matters most that we have come this far and are here. So despite the details, we are still engaged with life; some started this year and aren’t here today. Like most of us, they had made plans and looked to many a tomorrow, but those dreams were now cut short.

Therefore, although we might become distracted at times by the overwhelming information that comes at us with insufficient time to process them, despite that fact, we have navigated our way through that maze of circumstances to get here. Of course, some of us can be our worst critics in the drive to achieve or move into what we believe is the reason for our being here. However, that personal flaw is what helps keep us grounded and focused. So, wherever we find ourselves at this end of the year, we should have the comfort in knowing we might not get everything right, but at least we tried our best; thanks to God’s grace, our journey continues, and in His time, we will come out like polished gems. Thus, finding our place and purpose favored by God!

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