It’s A Process!

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Looking back sometimes allows us to have clarity, compassion, and acceptance. Viewing life through the lens of one’s experiences with resolve gives a better handle on dealing with life as a whole. When we were young, everything seemed time sensitive, no matter what. So even when what’s required to bring them to fruition missing, there was that intensity to get things done quickly. Older folks would advise, “Learn how to walk before you try to run.” But, as young people, what do they know? This is commonly asked. They are from different times with vastly different experiences, so what do they know? But with time and changes, eventually, and sometimes painstakingly, revealed the wisdom of such advice, which bears fruits, and sometimes shifts one’s world off balance when ignored.

On reflection, observing those, like who we once were, young, opinionated, and not to mention strong-willed, lessons we learned along the way changed our outlook. Therefore,  later in life, the perspective and approach we once held softened, and some ideas we dismissed, making it easier to understand that life moves in a cycle that seems to rotate in and out of seasons. Each generation goes through its growing spells, influenced by whatever social norms or whatever speaks to them as individuals. Therefore, in moments of misunderstanding and impatience, if we pause long enough to reflect on our past and those before us, it makes it easier to live and let live peaceably. It’s all a process we are wired by default to replicate in some form or fashion. This cycle to which we are prone is called life. So tolerance breeds acceptance, and the young today, like we once were, will show those after them the way in homage to us by us setting the example for them. Peace!

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