This We Pray!

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Lord, help us to start each day with an attitude of gratitude

Lord, help us to see beyond our weaknesses to recognize

your given strength

Lord, help us to find peace even in the storms that attempted

to unravel us

Lord, help us to decrease so you may increase in us and recognize

the beauty of your holiness,

Lord, help us to honor all of life; because only then can you

be truly be honored

Lord, please help us to see with our hearts the real beauty of life,

which starts by seeing you

Lord, you’ve kept us through many a season with well-guarded

reasons, which only time will show,

And for that, we’ll praise you throughout our lives,

Lord, with your ready pen, whenever our stories are told

of which you’ve written the script,

May we not be found wanting, but it can be said

we not only gave our all but have given our best

And Lord, we pray in your response: “Well done, my child!”

And, Lord, may you be magnified and honored through our lives

which were your intent

So, Father, as this year comes to a close, our prayers to you,

May the manifestation of you be revealed in who we are

and what we do, and between time and favor,

Our stories are among those that have already claimed

their place in the history of making a difference that

began with honoring you,

Therefore, as You usher us into this new year, the

fulfillment of promises and purpose for our lives will be realized.

Lord, this is our prayer to you, amen!

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