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I came across this poem by Ms. Sophia Lyttle, who happens to be one of my favorite poets. Her work is available on Amazon.

Love Is Only A Breath Away!                                  

Today, love woke you as you took your first breath,

Today, love will keep you lovingly in its tender care

Today, love will wait for you as you hurry through the day

Today, love will find you and whisper in your ears, for you, my dear, I do care,

Today, love will protect you from dangers seen and unseen

Today, love will teach you wisdom through knowledge, even in crafty schemes of life,

So, don’t forget to thank Him for walking with you patiently through the day

And remember, do all things according to His will and in His name

Because, dear one, God loves you beyond today!


Sophia Lyttle

Have a blessed day!

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