Life’s Dynamics

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Life comes in ebbs and flows, and within those dynamics, we become who we were meant to be, and it’s comforting knowing each force of change, good or bad, fosters growth. I haven’t been posting as before, and it’s not by choice; I am transitioning, which means focusing on being at my best. Unfortunately, this past year has been one for the history books. My history book! Therefore, It’s a time to be quiet and refocus within that place of silence, and introspection, to gain clarity toward advancement. I see that some of you still come here daily, and it’s appreciated; God bless you all for giving me a voice through your continued support.

My Potential                                         

Stripped down to the bare essentials is my potential

Ever conscious: Staring straight into my face,

Demanding that my intellect skillfully enhance and reflect

The wonder and beauty of God’s grace

So it’s not enough to just spit out rhymes

That consciously does not challenge minds

Life requires much more than this

Like a plethora of uncharted suggestions

Perspectives and even possible advancements,

That can benefit the earth and all humanity

And heal our nation of its’ divide

See, my potential is unleashed yet anchored in humility

Always exceeding the concept of my abilities,

For after a venture has finally ended

I’m in awe of the realness of what God teaches, that

“All things are possible to them that believe,”

My desires are matched by what I achieve, and

Even in those seasons of stagnant progression

My potential stays conscious

Staring straight into my face

Demanding that my intellect

Skillfully enhance and reflect

This wonderful grace bestowed upon me

Making each day an opportunity,

To develop and fulfill that which is within

God-given! My potential!


Sandra Jackson 

As you know, Mrs. Jackson, I am one of your admirers, and as you recuperate, I wish you God’s continued favor.

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