It’s Liberating!

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We’ll be greeting another new year a few weeks from today. I don’t know about you, but I’m taking time to be introspective while working towards the ultimate way of being, not on anyone’s terms but God’s. It can become exhausting to find oneself in basically the same situations as being on a bridge. Tackling familiar problems with even the same people. The practicality of bridges is to be crossed, not to remain there. It’s liberating to admit when we are at that pivotal place in our lives, on those bridges of circumstances that need avoiding at all costs. On gaining insight and tenacity to pull those pieces of our lives together away from what depleted us, motivation to honor God and self becomes a priority. The process can be difficult, but the results can be most gratifying. Most of us have been through many challenges this past year. Some of us are yet to recover! However, in the grand scheme, we did survive and are the stronger. So, in the coming weeks, be mindful of how strong we are and having the power to do or be whatever brings us peace and fulfillment. Therefore, let’s not sweat the small stuff. God has furnished us the canvas (our lives), and what we create it’s up to us; make sure whatever it is, we’ll be at peace and proud, knowing we have done our best.

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