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Live, Love, Breathe

The breath of life

Fill your lungs with the air of Love, breathe,

Draw in Love and expel fear, breathe,

Breathe in this new identity, blow out the past,

Breathe in, and believe your future pain will never last;

Let Love fill your heart

Let Love give you a new start, breathe

Inhale the air of life, and become one with all that is good



Astoria Nickerson

In this transitional period, which we go through at some point in life, re-reading Ms. Nickerson’s poem speaks to me in an uplifting way. It’s another reminder of what’s most important, and healing and rejuvenation begin with facing life, no matter what it brings, and casting out fear. As she suggested, exhale and inhale the source of our strength, and breathe life afresh while nurturing the soul! Have a blessed weekend, and stay safe.

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