Nothing Happens In A Vacuum!

Photo by Brett Sayles on

Coming into who we hope to be in life’s unpredictability, to arrive at where we expect to be on a specified timetable, usually doesn’t always manifest as planned. Fleeting as time is, it gives room for do-overs; adjustments to accommodate whatever changes are necessary to achieve our goals within time and patience. Our tenacity and resilience are both catalysts that propel us toward those ends once we stay the course and have a supporting system if needed; besides the drive, the heart has to be ready for the expected results.

On a path toward upward mobility, there are achievers and non-achievers, but both are winners in the eyes of God. The nature of God is different from the nature of man. God loves us beyond reason, even if we are illiterate! God deals with man’s heart. If you have as many degrees as a thermometer, that doesn’t impress God. It’s having compassion for Him, self, and others. So, when all is said and done, whether we achieved or failed by world standards, the ultimate critique doesn’t lie with us but God. We are all travelers here and are predestined to experience the same type of exit at the end of our journey, with the only difference being our destinations unsure. May I be so forward in stating, ‘Coming into who we hope to be is best begin with the heart,’ because it is where the processes of life’s issues dictate who we truly are or hope to be, and, in response, we can lift or tear down; however, nothing happens in a vacuum? We may not see it, but in the scheme of life, its domino effect always brings outcomes to the forefront of whatever is done, and those results are determined by whatever the cause is. Have a blessed week!


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