A Treasure To Behold!

Photo by Emma SQ on Pexels.com

Nature’s beauty, with its allure, can evoke a sense of awe during its observance, rendering our approach and response as one of appreciation. Those who reside in places where nature’s mystiques and mysteries are ever unfolding are blessed with treasures to behold worthy of mentioning. Those of us exposed to those environments often embrace their beauties with a childlike curiosity, readily expressed with gratitude. In addition, those moments experienced fired up the senses with wellness, which become hypnotic while being therapeutic in its result.

As seasons have now changed into fall, the coolness of the breeze is a welcoming change after an unusually hot summer. Days being more comfortable now give a deeper awareness and enjoyment of activities when partaking in them without the discomfort those hot days had imposed. And in places where nature’s color palettes seem to burst into bright hues that are spellbinding, there lies another view of its beauty during its change, and what a gift to witness such a sight. So, wherever you are, take time to observe and be thrilled by what nature offers; it will positively change your perception while providing an escape from other areas of life that can become overwhelming. So, enjoy your weekend, and stay safe. The beauty we see outside of us usually heightens when we recognize the beauty in ourselves! Peace!

Photo by Marco Irodistan on Pexels.com

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