Hurricane Ian And Mr. Stupid!

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As I lay in bed trapped, restricted, movements that had been second nature were suspended by what caused me to be there, a knee that threatened my quality of life, now replaced. Observing and analyzing my new surroundings and those I would depend on for care in the coming days made me whisper a prayer for God’s favor to find grace within that setting. Then, quickly, my thoughts reverted to the hurricane bearing down on us. The sounds outside the building intensified as the wind’s strong force aimed to take control of everything in its path. The roof gave off crackling sounds buffered by structural ingenuity, which allowed the building to adjust in movements that gave them enough room to withstand the wind’s force.

It was almost midnight, and we were now in the eye of the hurricane. I was on the edge of a panic attack. I began to recite bible verses from memory and, at intervals, spoke to my neighbor, who was not in the mood for chit-chat. I refused my attention to the doorway, then I heard a loud bang; it was the door to the side entrance to the building, of which I was only about forty feet away. The banging went on for a while, which terrified me. Images of the door being blown off and me becoming sucked out into the elements was frightening, to put it mildly. I tried reverting to that woman who trusted God; I kept communing with Him within my spirit to calm myself. Finally, I asked an aide who happened to be seated across the doorway. What was going on, and why the door sounded like it was about to be blown off its hinges? To my horror, she replied, “The nurse is trying to go out in the hurricane!”

“Please, tell me, me, you misspoke?! The nurse is doing what?!” She repeated. “He is trying to go out into the Hurricane!”   Although I heard her clearly, I was shocked by what I heard and began sounding like I needed additional meds; a psychotropic cocktail of sorts, unbelievable!           

“He is attempting to go out into the Hurricane.” Immediately I felt my pulse quicken, and the Island woman in me was ready to go ballistic. “How could anyone sane even consider such a thing? And worst, placed a building of sick people in harm’s way? This situation goes back to the idea that once we aim for gratification, irrespective of what those outcomes could be, to hell with others and let’s take leave of our senses and do it! How can people like that become entrusted with the lives of others when they don’t even honor their own? Sadly, this isn’t a unique occurrence; it is fast becoming commonplace. The question that needs an answer is where this will take us as a whole. I guess it is fitting to title this hurricane Ian and Mr. Stupid. Peace!!

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