Little Had I Known!

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The decisions we make, especially those that advance personal gratification without regard for others that are part of our lives, aren’t completely free of negativities. A belief that having the freedom to dictate our path is exclusively our right irrespective of how it might affect others, can be up for debate. How so? We are an extension of others. As multi-cellular beings, all of us are because a man and a woman procreate, and here we should consider this reality of the chain of life. Therefore, with this fact-based analysis, let’s return to my argument’s central theme: “In reality, we are not completely independent of others in all the decisions we make!” Also, those decisions can effects us, no matter our intentions. We can cause positive outcomes or negative ones, but there will be outcomes. They will be no perfect result because of the complexity of who we are as individuals operating collectively for the greater purpose of the whole. Therefore, whenever unlike minds weigh in, directly or indirectly, which they will, life’s processes continue no matter our decisions. And like chess pieces on a checkerboard, we take turns in that process to gain our objectives as life affords us those turns to hopefully make a difference. It’s up to us what those differences will be!

Now, I will delve into the relevance and validity of my perception that there isn’t complete freedom to decide the issues of life without a thought of others on its merit or lack thereof, without their dependency or being affected by it! It was 7:pm when placed in room 211A at the facility where my recovery process would begin. Hurricane Ivan was only hours away, and I had surgery thirty-six hours earlier. The atmosphere was filled with trepidation about the pending havoc Hurricane Ivan might rain down on us as it did elsewhere in its veracity.

Nevertheless, the EMT personnel got me into bed and soon disappeared. Two hours later, a man appeared at my bedside in scrubs, identifying himself as the charge nurse for the night. He gave me some pills and assured me they would help with the pain. I tried exchanging pleasantries and also shared my concerns about the approaching hurricane. It had already begun to rain, and the velocity of the winds force caused a swishing sound as its pearl-like droplets pounded the large windows across the room. It sounded like a preview of what was to come. Swallowing the pills, I voiced my concerns, feeling trapped at such a time. I couldn’t walk, and my right leg felt like a log. One that overtook my very being with electronic shocks and made my body scream in alarm. It felt like an angry force took up residence in my being; the coming days would be a meltdown, almost to a childlike state. Pain can make you yield, becoming a semblance of a period in time you had long forgotten.

I made eye contact with the other woman in the additional bed in the room. As I looked across the room, I noticed through the open blinds the thick foliage that outlined the courtyard. I first thought that being five feet away from a window during a hurricane wasn’t the safest place. It was obvious she was hurting. She acknowledged me with a brief “Hi,” and then went back to groaning. We should be quite a pair, I thought. The nurse soon returns to the room to give her her meds. I stopped him before he could leave; “So, have you ever been in a Hurricane?” Instead of answering my question, he responded, “I’ve always wanted to experience how it feels to be in a Hurricane since I was a boy!” Little had I known that night he had planned on fulfilling that boyhood fantasy. Decisions, decisions![..]


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