There Is No Other Way Around This!

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It’s in the obscure and most vulnerable place in life; we get a front-row seat to observe and experience the true nature of people. Recently, as a patient dependent on the skilled care of others, I saw the unfiltered nature of people entrusted to care for the most vulnerable. As I observed and experienced the care rendered, let me be objective while being honest. My stay at the hospital was “A” plus. The doctors, nurses, and affiliating staff members were the best. However, due to the nature of my surgery, I needed continued rehabilitation, which had me sent to a Nursing Home/ Rehabilitation facility.

In those first days of observing the insensitivity, especially by the night staff, I thought they were ranch handlers who switched their line of employment in mid-stream. How could people be emotionally detached from what they were trained to do? It breaks my heart to be so blunt, but there is no other way around this! To see the insensitivity exhibited by those in charge of hands-on care is frightening. This approach isn’t something to state lightly, but like cancer of the soul, it will be our undoing. I am not naive; this goes beyond the staff. It’s a management issue that focuses on the bottom line, money! When profit takes precedence over our lives, we have entered a place of no return! I pray to God that I am wrong, and we are not at that place!

The system is broken, it seems like almost everyone is doing their own thing without fear of repercussions, and those in need of care suffer. These are the lives of people; it is sad! And the few good workers are underappreciated, overworked, and, being in the minority, have to be careful because they’ll be the first ones to be let go. How can one explain call lights going off for almost two hours and no one checking to see if the person has a medical emergency? And this is the norm? Something is wrong here! Very much so, it is wrong! Is this what we have become? Doesn’t this industry must be more than warehousing people?! I am sure this isn’t true of all Nursing Homes, but I’ve seen enough to sound the alarm. Several years ago, I worked in two smaller Nursing Homes here. What I’ve experienced recently further amplifies that this is commonplace and if we don’t address it, where is our humanity to humans?!

I will be sharing with you the night of the Hurricane there! It’s a night I will never forget. The Hurricane was one thing, but what the charge nurse did shook me to the core! You will not believe it; stay tuned, I am gaining back my strength, and I hope to work on it in the coming days. Have a safe and fulfilled weekend, and remember, the one in need might be you someday! Therefore, give a helping hand to those in need, and like seeds, they will germinate into something you can be proud of! Peace!

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