Thank You!

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Thanks to all of you who visited here in my absence. My surgery was successful, and I am still on the mend. I should have done this years ago but thank God it’s finally over for now; as we know, life has a way of throwing the unpredictable at us when we least expect it. Thank you again for being a part of my journey, and although I don’t know you personally, it would be safe to say we share some commonalities through the prism of our outlook on life. And I am grateful for your support. I pray your path has God’s best and your reality honors you as a gift to life, which you are!  

Facing our greatest of fears, which we all have a level of anxiety, is where we usually gain our greatest strength. These recent weeks have been one that will go down into captions of my life as one of coming into the fullness of my God-given purpose. I cannot recall ever being so completely dependent on others, even for my basic daily needs. It was humbling. I completely depended on others for the first seven days after my surgery; there is nothing special or unique about this because millions across the globe live this reality daily. However, when you are in that place of dependency—it takes on a different meaning. I was blessed to have some of Florida’s best healthcare providers. There were a few bad ones in the mix, but they didn’t take away from the generally good care given to others like me. Thanks to all the healthCare personnel who took care of me, the food was equally good at the hospital. I will share the day of hurricane Ivan with you in the coming days! I am still recovering mentally from that night.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be blogging weekly; I must give myself time to heal. Thanks for your continued support.

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