To Yourself Be True!

Marjorie Delores

The philosopher Socrates from centuries ago encouraged us to “know ourselves.” Examine and understand who we are—and whoever does not know themself does not know anything,” he stated. While William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet reminded us, “Be true to yourself.” Several Bible scriptures also deal with the subject matter of knowing oneself. I chose to highlight Psalm 139: 14 KJV, which stated: “I will praise thee: for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works: and that my soul knows right well.” In this one verse, there is so much to garner from it. There have been ongoing efforts to self-actualize and know who we are since infancy. During the process, we make mistakes, learn and grow, and with an ever-present force influencing or steering us on a path, we aspire to reach our life’s purpose.

However, sometimes, other forces are set up to ensure our failure. This is why it is paramount that one must know oneself and know one’s core values, body, dreams, and likes and dislikes. Within this framework, we can cultivate the person we want to be and establish meaningful relationships with those who are like-minded. However, getting to this plateau sometimes isn’t an easy feat because of the structural settings we are a part of since birth; and If those settings are fractured or aren’t reflective of those core values we hold dear, then what? Denying oneself to please others doesn’t line up with the truth. The truth of who we are. So, at this juncture, hard choices have to be made that line up with reality, which begins with knowing yourself and being true to yourself. Sometimes, to stay true to yourself means shutting out destructive voices. At the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, who is looking back at you takes priority. We all are the product of our realities; however, in this vast expansion with innumerable opportunities and possibilities afforded us by our maker, we have the final call on what path we travel in life. Sometimes, getting to that place or station means traveling alone. Initially, it might seem daunting, but what’s the point of being surrounded by dreams crushers or those who are miserable with life and have rendered nothing but unhappiness? There comes a time that one has to be true to oneself and, by so doing, experience your best self. And maybe at that time and place can look back and pull up those perceived to be blinded to truth into seeing that life was meant to live in peace, contentment, and in the beauty it gives. Peace!

This is where I will be taking a long pause. To my extended family and friends, you won’t be hearing from me for a while. For those of you who have followed me these months, as a free spirit, I always come from a place where I’m comfortable. I am no trendsetter or follower, just a voice itching to be heard, which you’ve given me an ear over these many months. Thanks for the support, and I’ll be missing you and thinking of you in my absence; thank you for letting me believe this Island woman can be part of a broader conversation. Take care and stay safe until we meet here again. Here, from me to you; let it never be said I’ve never offered you flowers. God Bless you and your family!

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