The Power Of Words!

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Lately, regularly, I enjoy reading poems by poets that have touched my life through the potency of their work, and Ms. Lyttle is one of those people. Earlier on a re-read of her anthology, the poem “This Thing Called Words” spoke to me the loudest about the power we have. “Purpose Within Every Promise,” the book from which I took this poem, reaches you wherever you are in its delivery. Her poetry speaks to its reader in a manner that isn’t simply reflective but awe-inspiring. Each line of this poem, “This Thing Called Words,” calls out to me in a way that makes me want to be more introspective and become deliberate assuring positive communications within my exchange. The art of communication can be verbal, one’s body language, or subliminal cues expressing how we feel; we always communicate even when we are silent. These cues give messages that set the tone for life’s outcomes, and Ms. Lyttle’s “This Thing Called Words” reminds us that our words are consequential, and their after-effects can set lives ablaze or create a harmony that empowers a nation. Peace!

This Thing Called Words

Words are like paint that stains the soul

Layer by layer, they create strongholds

Festered by Time, creating molds

Manifested in behaviors too strong to control

Building bridges, fences, and walls

Creating cities, both great and small

A city without light! That is subject to fall.

This thing called “words” is the creator of them all.

Through grace and truth, you’ll see the light

His foundation of love will be your delight

With words that heal, he will peel your soul

With gentle kisses that will make you whole

Who’ll come to know you’re his delight

Someone he caresses day and night

Your silent tears he’ll wipe away

The hidden scars of yesterday

Just trust in him, and he’ll heal your soul

And make your foundation genuinely whole.


Sophia Lyttle

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