The Power of Positive Thinking!

Once again, I’m reminded of the power of positive thinking and how the universe responds in kind. Well, it has been proven again in the past twenty-four hours. Lately, there are days when I tend to be very optimistic about a positive change to some harsh realities; then, on a keener observation, that began to change. It’s like God; only you can change this; it looks hopeless. But, then, on reading the Bible, truth rings through that one cannot have faith and embrace doubt or fear. These cannot mix, and one is the absence of the other! So, I returned to that place of trust, and wow, the evidence of faith burst out all around me. Yesterday, my dear friends Sandra, Iris and I went to lunch. We have been doing this at intervals for years now. We enjoy each other’s company, so it’s always a good time. We always pay for our meals individually because, as retirees, money doesn’t come to us as it once did. Yesterday, Sandra picked up the tap for my lunch, which wasn’t expected of her. We had a great time together.

I saw her act of kindness as God speaking out loud that He is about to change things. Today, shopping at a large neighborhood department store chain, again, I’m reminded. On approaching the checkout line, there were only two people ahead, and the woman immediately ahead of me turned to look at me with concern upon my approach. Due to a pending knee replacement surgery, I am forced to use a motorized shopping cart. She may have thought I would bump into her with the shopping cart and cause her harm. Smiling at her, I assured her that I didn’t carry insurance for the shopping cart and that I wouldn’t be careless to cause anyone harm. In response, she moved into my space, offering to place my groceries on the conveyer counter by the cash register.

Smiling at her in appreciation, I accepted and noticed her and the Cashier exchanging smiles as she mumbled something to her. My things were being checked out along with hers. The Cashier smiled while bagging up my items separately, which the woman then placed on my card. I was speechless; seconds before she walked away, I expressed my appreciation and wished her God’s best. I’ve heard of people paying for things for others, but I had never had a stranger pay for my items. Again, I stated aloud, “God is up to something!” It is so good to recognize God in the good and bad. I am grateful that He doesn’t fluctuate in His emotions like me because I would be up a creek without a paddle. There is so much good around us; it’s up to us to see them. Peace!

BY Marjorie Delores

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