Nothing To Lose!

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 We might not realize it, but life often unfolds in similar patterns for some of us, which sometimes throws us off guard. Interestingly, sometimes the similarities are so striking in comparison that it makes you wonder, “What?” Maybe it is a way for the cosmos to remind us of our commonalities through those similarities. That the things we believe separate us when in reality, are what resonate with our sameness. This is why it is a loss when we focus on trivialities; it’s wasted energy and time, and time is our most valued commodity. Time lost cannot be regained, and in that time, the world moves on and what eats away at us affects no one but us. Greeting each day with the resolve that things will work out, no matter their challenges, are rewarding because things usually do. There is power and progress within a positive outlook; this is why we look forward to the break of day, the darkness dissipates, and the light shows us the way. Our intrinsic force creates a rhythm to our lives that drives us towards our destiny, like a quiet voice it urges us on. Although our paths may be disrupted by detours, setups, or setbacks, the destination clearly awaits, and no one can take our place, which God promised. So even when it feels like birthing pain or passing kidney stones while getting there, staying the course should be a given. There are no ifs or buts about winning;  because winners never lose! Win, we shall! Therefore, with this said, moving constitutes progress, so let us keep it moving, no matter how small a step. It doesn’t matter if it’s one step at a time; that’s all it takes to finish well.

Being here and having your support have been empowering. This Saturday will be my last post; I will be offline. I am doing a medical procedure that is essential for my health, regrettable the first month after the surgery, I will be offline. In my absence, I pray you and your loved ones will remain safe, and soul expression will be a part of who you are and what you do. I will be here for another three days and then a long pause, my friends take care and remember, stay in the light.  

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