Within Limitations!

Photo by Evgenia Basyrova on Pexels.com

The elements that form meaning in life are dictated by several factors, most of which are still a mystery. Despite the science, quantum physics, technology, and the rest of the educated explanations offered, those factors have us searching, learning, and still haven’t fully unlocked life’s mystery. My curiosity and the need to better grasp the scope of man’s strength within limitations from the eyes of the un-bored, which we are accidents of whom we ended up with as parents, for me, is a distinctive marker to our limitation. There lies the essence of our frailty, as accidents of birth even for those who are planned. Not one baby was given a choice as to who will parent them. If we had, it would be beyond dispute that humanity’s control is infinite because it began at conception and finalized beyond birth! However, we don’t get a say beforehand who we will share DNA with; that choice lies in the Hands of the Creator of life, God! What is my point?! In observance of the ignorance of self-importance, inflated egos, and blatant arrogance toward the proof of who is and is in charge of births and deaths verified by Him, it is foolish to believe anyone has the upper hand in life and is exempt from life’s perils.

 Whenever God is minimized or treated as an afterthought, it’s beyond comprehension; how could one place themselves at odds with the power that causes one to be? On the other hand, once one has lived and truly done so by experiencing life fully and seeing the constant change it brings, it’s hard not to realize that plans with the utmost consideration sometimes come undone, and there lies proof that nothing is finite except death. At this intersection of life, when death appears, humanity tends to see God clearer. So, these two points, one which introduces life while the other transcends it to the spiritual realm, show that this ultimate mystery starts and ends with God! Yes, life does!

Taken by Marjorie Delores

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