They Are Special!

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It is so easy to become pessimistic in today’s climate of uncertainties’ within its rapid change, some of which leaves us gasping for breath when we see the senseless cruelties and destruction that have become commonplace. However, despite this, some unsung heroes give of themselves daily without any hidden agendas and are the difference towards the balance that enriches our lives. These people are everywhere; they are our friends, family, neighbors, and people we encounter during brief exchanges. Their presence and impact are resources of goodness we embrace and briefly celebrate through gratitude upon receipt; yes, through our thank yous’ during times of acknowledgment.

We need to lift them up even more as they do us. So today, I endeavor to highlight these forces for good—God’s footsoldiers for assuring His purpose through given goodness. I am sure many of us know such people but maybe have gotten caught up in the daily grind of life, therefore, unwittingly glossing over their importance or ignoring the good they brought to our lives. So, as I embarked upon another transitional period in my life, reflecting on the gift of kindness and goodness I’ve enjoyed throughout these many years by those I call God’s foot soldiers for good, I, too, am grateful to every one of those who made a difference.

Therefore, in recognition, although their names are missing, I have expressed my gratitude privately and encourage you to do the same in acknowledging those you know in whatever manner you deem fit, as long as they come to know that what they’ve done is appreciated. Their efforts will be rewarded within God’s time. One of the most effective tools we have, without a price tag, is the gift of speech. Using the right words can effectively sway the tides of change to the service of all involved. Therefore, this method of expression, by whatever means chosen, should be applied to let those who have blessed our lives know how special they are and that we are thankful for what they brought to our lives—what a wonderful way to begin our week than to tell someone today that they are special. Thanks for visiting, and stay in the light! Peace!

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