Effective Maintenance!

The freedom of ownership is the ability to do as one pleases with the content you own. Therefore here I go again with one of my favorite poems. In the late nineties, while working at a medical facility in Hillsborough County, Florida, one day while doing patient care, this poem came to me. Approaching the nurses’ station, I sat there for about ten minutes and jotted this down. Over the years, I retweak and republished it. It seems to have deepened throughout the years since I wrote it in its meaning. In my attempt to capture the complexities within my exchanges and the ever-present bleaker side of Life, it would be safe to think that by acknowledging the reality that confronts and at times constraints us, an emotional adeptness to whatever comes our way stirs us. However, that is easier said and done because most of us are creatures of habits and with that comes set expectations. Comfortability comes with familiarity, which can hamper real change.

The fragile balance of Life                                                                                             

It can become filled with complexities

Which amaze, scare, entice, or repulse

However, its mystery never ends to be in our grasp,

In this fragile balance of Life.

The fragile balance of Life sometimes teaches us

how to touch.

However, knowing well enough not to hold

Onto that brief warmth of a touch,

An imprint of beautiful possibilities yet fleeting


All trapped in the fragile balance of Life;

The delicate balance of Life it’s an elixir of good and evil,

Happy or sad easily reflected in the beauty of a


Or the horror of anger that has gone wild

Each creating reasons and evoking wonders,

All within the fragile balance of Life.

In a different mindset, those of us analyzing and searching for a better understanding of the whys, what’s, and how’s of Life. We tend to look inward before transitioning outwardly to arrive at acceptable answers whenever we can. However,  as we seek a better understanding of Life’s outcomes within the why’s, how can we best process and respond effectively to securing what serves the greater good? As spiritual beings having a physical experience, each moment serves as a new path toward a more in-depth understanding. Interestingly, when we believe we know whatever we think is concrete, time and situations can turn things on their heads in a second. As time and Life teach us, each minute or hour is all a mystery ever unfolding. Yes, Life can be like a steady stream, but the unknown can disrupt that flow without warning. Therefore, it is practical to acknowledge God’s mastery of all things Life, and we are simply workers whose work begins first with serving God, self, and others. There is no doubt that Life is fragile, but a balance can lead to its effective maintenance when it pivots on what causes us to be, which is God. Peace!

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

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