Are Patterns Indicators?

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Patterns are perceived to be indicators of many of life’s outcomes. Therefore, it would be safe to say life results are from practices followed or embraced, leading to an expected outcome. Such as a child who loves books and learning, it would be safe to assume that they are slated for success. However, this isn’t always the case. So, it’s almost impossible to conclusively highlight a constant regarding patterns within the scope of human conditions. We are everchanging.

Patterns are most impactful on the micro level, beginning with formed or learned beliefs within families and culture and on a larger scale within the environment and practicing faiths. As a result, we develop opinions about distinctive groups of people, places, or individuals based on some known norms and shared practices observed. Does this make us unreasonable, or are those assessments biased, prejudiced, or judgmental? Maybe, or maybe not? It depends on what the motives are and from what vantage point of our approach. In these hypersensitive times, it’s easy to believe life only comes in shades of gray, lighter and darker gray, instead of the limitless possibilities around us, which are unfolding within the plans of God. So, denial and scapegoating drenched in yesterday’s imperfections and today’s probabilities overshadow or make us lose sight of the good within us. When one focuses on seeing what is rather than what could be, errors are unavoidable, and the outcome erects a rigid way of thinking that leads to unfortunate results. We are not an accident of nature but beautifully made in the image of God’s love.

The mind is the most powerful tool available to us. Our thoughts shape one’s behavior, and behaviors manifest into deeds, and those deeds can set the course of our lives on a trajectory of success or on a downward spiral. Therefore, within the fluidity of life from creation to the present, there is no real constant but God. Everything changes but God! Once this truth of life can be understood and accepted, perceptions will easily clarify that we are all flawed beings, favored by God and doing our best with what we know. Therefore, the only pattern of life that is ever constant, it’s the love of God, even when we fail to acknowledge Him. Life is everchanging, and we are God’s given Life, formed by His love! Peace!

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