Having To Repeat The Process!

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

Have you ever laughed so hard at yourself that you feel like you are about to lose consciousness? For a split second, that was how I felt yesterday. I guess that’s the highlight of my Labor Day but what I took away from the experience is we are forever learning, no matter the age or circumstances. Well, friends, I’ll take you to the beginning. Several weeks ago, I went through a lot of fabric I’ve accumulated over the years and decided yesterday to use two pieces to make a reversible bag. A large bag, ideal for food shopping. I had made one two months earlier, for the first time, but that came with instructions and the material already cut out in pieces by my friend Joyce. So I followed her instructions, making the bag easily.

Déjà vu, yesterday, I went, thinking that repeating that process shouldn’t be that hard, only this time, I had to go through all the steps without a pattern. So, I cut out the bag’s shape without any issues. Immediately after, I proceeded to stitch the pieces together. Now, remember that it is supposed to be a reversible bag which means there is a technique to sew the pieces together for that desired effect. Initially, I briefly considered looking at tutorials on reversible bags before cutting and stitching the pieces. But, then, I thought, I got this; how difficult could it be?!

Therefore, stitched eighty percent of the bag before deciding to look at what I’d done thus far. As I pulled the parts to form into what I thought I had made, about ten minutes after pulling and turning the fabrics, there was a shape but not what I was aiming for! It was a cloth saddle! Yes, a cloth saddle, and I wasn’t thinking about horses and knowing them only through media, books, or farmlands I’ve driven past.
There are horses, and there are a-s-s-e-s; of which I felt like the latter. I fell out laughing at myself so hard on seeing the mess I made. I thought I should have had a life alert, feeling like I was sinking into darkness. Being alone, I relaxed against the chair as I gained control of the situation. I could hear my family and friends singing, cum-by-yah my Lord, and my epitaph being read, here lies, Marjorie, a woman who loves life and laughter, but laughter got the better of her, and here lies that happy soul.” That whole experience taught me that I am forever learning, and the learning process takes extra effort to get things right. If not, not only will errors be made, but time will be lost by having to repeat the same process again.  

Thanks for stopping by, and I pray this week will be safe and favorable for you and yours. Peace!!

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