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I believe good will always override the worst of life’s experiences, and in the landmines of our past, eradicating what held us hostage, making way for new experiences. In the process of those challenges, may we realize the best of who we are, solidified by the promises of God? Therefore, whatever station in life we may be, or wherever we thought we should have been, release all misgivings because the One who holds the future is still at work in our lives. Therefore, come into an awakening and acknowledge that whatever strides we make should be enough reason to be thankful. Remember, we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, so fully embrace the journey. I pray may the footprints we see and admire are that of our own, and the path they paved adds to the legacies of life. So, my friend, today is the start of another weekend, and one in which most of us will be busy preparing for a celebratory time in honor of Labor Day festivities. So please, let us not forget how we got here, and stay safe. Life can be wonderful but also fragile, so take care and have a safe and fulfilled time. 


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