Children Grow Up to Be Adults!

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Recently, there was a story of a six-year-old that almost got abducted while playing in front of her home. Each time this happens, it makes us as parents pause and take notice. Although it wasn’t the first time this had occurred, each time we learned of such a blight on society, in the face of preying on the most vulnerable, it doesn’t make it any easier to come to terms with the brutality of it. It would be pretentious to imply this is something that hasn’t always plagued humanity because it’s’ been with us since the beginning of time. However, what makes it so heartwrenching today, which arouses anger is that one would think that the onset of technology, to the point that we are constantly under surveillance, would serve as a deterrent. Sadly, those culprits will risk the full force of the judicial system in its punishment. It makes one wonder how depraved a person can be to harm children in such a brutal way. I understood it’s’ less about the physicality of the act and more about exerting power over the weakest among us with excuses for such actions as past trauma experienced by the perpetrators causes them to be that way. Maybe, I’m’ ignorant, but I failed to understand how one can experience such pain and inflict the same on an innocent child.

In some third-world countries, the penalty when caught raping a child is a response called jungle justice, where the assailant gets beaten severally, castrated, or killed. Yet, in the face of that approach, it doesn’t eradicate the crime. Due to the severity of poverty, the assailants become more sophisticated in recruiting their victims. They prey on the weaknesses in the structural system by placing themselves as supportive of the parents or guardians that need financial help. They create a facade of a savior in their pretense of preying on children. Those on the sideline observing all this unfold are inclined to put labels on these social misfits to explain the short and long-term adverse effects they unleash. However, what has been overlooked by everything mankind does against itself is a result born of a sinful nature! Whenever that nature becomes fed by the beast that causes it to be, which is an absence of truth and operating in darkness, shutting out the light of God, then all roads lead to one outcome; destruction. Children grow up to be adults, and those adults dictate tomorrow’s footprints in our world’s condition. Our experiences shape who we are. Therefore, it befits us to protect our greatest future assets, our children, by being guided by the light found in God, the eradicator of sin. Peace!

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